Apr 23, 2021
Child of Fortune
Posted by Yūko Tsushima Geraldine Harcourt

By conventional Japanese standards, Koko Mizuno is an abysmalfailure as woman, wife, and mother and she couldn t care less She has succeeded in remaining true to herself in a stubborn struggle against powerful conformist pressures Yet her resistance is largely passive.Self absorbed, indecisive, she makes her own uncharted way through life,letting her husband, lovers, evBy conventional Japanese standards, Koko Mizuno is an abysmalfailure as woman, wife, and mother and she couldn t care less She has succeeded in remaining true to herself in a stubborn struggle against powerful conformist pressures Yet her resistance is largely passive.Self absorbed, indecisive, she makes her own uncharted way through life,letting her husband, lovers, even her only daughter, gradually slip away.Signs that she is pregnant after a casual affair rouse her to make decisions Then a deeply ironic turn of events thrusts her into the cold light of a reluctant self knowledge Through layer upon layer of dreams,memories, defenses, and delusions, she emerges finally to take a conscious step toward the independence she cannot yet define, certain only that she herself has changed.In Child of Fortune, Yuko Tsushima has brought to life a woman whose psychological complexity reflects the meeting of Japanese fiction and women s changing consciousness The depths of inner conflict are illuminated here by radiant imagery, wry humor, and a sharp clarity of vision.While drawing on the I novel tradition that has dominated modern Japanese literature, the author integrates the autobiographical elements into a fully realized fictional work of penetrating social insight.The novel received the 1978 Women s Literature Prize, one of many awards that have spotlighted Yuko Tsushima as a writer of exceptional gifts.

  • Title: Child of Fortune
  • Author: Yūko Tsushima Geraldine Harcourt
  • ISBN: 9784770015242
  • Page: 371
  • Format: Paperback
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    Child of Fortune By conventional Japanese standards Koko Mizuno is an abysmalfailure as woman wife and mother and she couldn t care less She has succeeded in remaining true to herself in a stubborn struggle against


    Loneliness floats, mixes with the gray of the clouds and turns into ghoulish substance that permeates, creates a different world, a world of shadows, an illusion The illusion becomes a way to manage reality, a parallel universe, some way to deal with the dark forces of the world because otherwise, how can one look forward One refuses to look forward, instead, the present becomes a way of life, thereby illuminating the halfheartedness of parenthood, the selfishness of individuality The world is j [...]


    The main character s fortune was in being wise Her wisdom was gained from experience The novelist carefully delineated the psychological and physiological aspects of pregnancy She founded an alternate reality where various scenarios were already erected and accepted as true This was how imagination, how fiction, built alternate realities.Full review booktrek 2015 01

    Daphne Vogel

    It s funny I spent the first half of this book reading it in a contemporary context, and only then realized it was written forty years ago Many of the issues and reactions contained within remain unaltered, which is than a little disheartening Some might consider this book a difficult read because there s no crystal clear revelation or salvation But I think the character s strength lies in her slowly increasing self awareness, even in moments where it seems as though the entire world is attempt [...]


    What an interesting, powerful, and multilayered portrayal of a woman s struggles to find her way in 1970 s Japanese society this book is The main character Koko refuses to comply with mainstream societal expectations in so many ways Projecting an air of stubborn independence she pursues relationships with men who can never reciprocate her love in an equal measure She works at a part time job teaching music to children rather than find steady, full time employment She even alienates her 11 12 yea [...]


    This book keeps coming into my thoughts.This book is old The English translation came years after the original work, yet is still older than me It s cheap online, but I would recommend the library ILL first The version I read came with an introduction assuring readers that the issues the book discusses are actually a thing in Japan I don t know Japanese issues well enough to guess if things like age of pregnancy in the old sense are still an issue nearly 40 years later, but I could believe it.I [...]

    Lenore Beadsman64

    la passivit eletta a stile di vita non mi aspettavo molto, leggendo questo libro, invece devo dire che mi ha piacevolmente sorpresa, intanto non la lagna Yoshimoto style che mi aspettavo, anzi la protagonista si una perdente, nel senso di una donna che si arresa e passivamente accetta il suo destino, ma si intravede una forza tra i suoi gesti e le sue scelte, sia pure fatte seguendo la corrente, che lascia presagire un senso compiuto magari in senso confuciano come se l accettazione si dovesse t [...]

    Nicholas Beck

    Subtle multi layered story telling with some vivid imagery both dreamlike and realistic Strong characterizations with a twist in this feminist tale of a single woman in Japan struggling to negotiate family and societal pressures and mostly succeeding despite oceans of self doubt at times.

    Jenny Thayer

    good sad.


    A perfect book for close reading, so many things to analyze and contemplate when you have time.


    An I novel written by a woman.

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    Child of Fortune