May 06, 2021
Out of the Storm
Posted by Kevin V. Symmons

War hero Eric Montgomery returns from Iraq, hoping to revive his family s Cape Cod marina and marry his childhood sweetheart When his wife and unborn child die in a tragic auto accident Eric s dreams are shattered He spends long months grieving, losing himself in alcohol, isolation, and anger Then Ashley Fitzhugh, a young woman he s met only once, appears on his doorsteWar hero Eric Montgomery returns from Iraq, hoping to revive his family s Cape Cod marina and marry his childhood sweetheart When his wife and unborn child die in a tragic auto accident Eric s dreams are shattered He spends long months grieving, losing himself in alcohol, isolation, and anger Then Ashley Fitzhugh, a young woman he s met only once, appears on his doorstep one stormy night Eric is annoyed at first, but soon finds himself caring for his visitor and her young daughter seeing in them a chance to rebuild the life he lost When threatening phone calls, mysterious strangers, and covert agents invade their peaceful lives, Eric must decide Is Ashley the answer to a prayer Or part of the nightmare he can never escape

  • Title: Out of the Storm
  • Author: Kevin V. Symmons
  • ISBN: 9781628300291
  • Page: 211
  • Format: Paperback
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    Out of the Storm War hero Eric Montgomery returns from Iraq hoping to revive his family s Cape Cod marina and marry his childhood sweetheart When his wife and unborn child die in a tragic auto accident Eric s dreams

    Virginia Hill

    Although there was a lot going on secrets, danger, violence, and a suggested mutual attraction between the H and h, the entirety of the book felt uninspiring I never felt.hing No dread, no anxiousness, and no feeling of any real chemistry between Eric and Ashley I want an edgy sort of heat in a romantic suspense, and I just didn t feel it in this one.


    A storm was brewing, it was lightning and pouring rain When a young woman knocked on Eric s front door She was requesting him to give her a place to stay, then she wanted him to let a little girl and a dog to be welcomed also It had been ten years since he had seen the young woman and he realized she was the daughter of his brother s girlfriend He let her in and the others also Without his realizing it , it will become a drama that slowly unfolds It could also bring him some happiness into his l [...]


    Action pack page turner This was a great summer read I was as confused as Eric the main character as to what was going on and who were the good guys The author gives you the details fast enough so that you keep turning the page but throws in red herrings that keep you guessing A lot of action but still a love story You see the best of most people and really get involved with these characters.

    marie rupert

    language This book has too much bad language to be enjoyed I like to recommend books to my friends but would be embarrassed to do so.


    Excellent readHeld my attention throughout Only question is in the opening was mentioned a physical storm however no storm occurred throw out the story

    Black Butterfly



    When I started reading this story, I was expecting much, just the usual entertaining simple romance There were times where it was suspenseful and I wanted to know but that was it There was not a lot of development in the characters The Hero in this story was not written well He s suppose to be a smart man that was in the military in some sort of special forces, trained in suspicious activity and combat, but he sure does lack all of that in his actions in the book He has lots of intuitions and n [...]


    Wow A thriller and a romance I will not downplay the thriller aspect by calling it a romantic thriller.While reading OUT OF THE STORM I had to stop and breathe occasionally, as the book kept me almost perpetually on edge The reader is right there, in the story, riding piggyback within the mind of the protaganist.I haven t been this breathless over a plot in quite some time If you like thrillers READ THIS BOOK

    Louise Larson

    Good read.Enjoyed it It is a good entertaining read Would recommend it to friends and family Personable characterizations through out the story.

    Sherry Bledsoe

    Rather goofyYour pregnant wife dies in a accident an the guy is mourning his loss and a young woman and her child show s up on your doorstop one rainy night Suddenly all kind of special agents show up trying to stop some high official from staging a 9 11 type hoax and this girl knows too much and, of course, he is an ex soldier who in a matter of a weekend falls in love with her and.blah, blah, blah Skip this book Just silly.

    Sharon Brown

    Good book The mystery kept you on the edge with only hints of which direction the characters would go Very interesting book.

    Bonnye Reed

    GNA I received a free electronic copy of this novel from Netgalley, Kevin V Symmons, and Wild Rose Press, Inc in exchange for an honest review Thank you all, for sharing your hard work with me This is an excellent novel The classification of this work is ambiguous it is neither a romance, nor an action novel, neither does it have enough terror to sit there with Steven King There are politics involved, and retired soldiers and Washington federal cops but it is not a military or spy novel What it [...]

    Elizabeth Benz

    A Captivating MysteryA nail biting that keeps you to the edge of your seat Then throw in a bit of romance and a bit of back ground information and you have a great book.


    OUT OF THE STORMSuspense thriller, with light romance Ashley shows up on Eric s doorstep needing shelter There s a mystery surrounding her which comes to light slowly as the story progresses The last third of the book is action packed, a n exciting read.

    David Litwack

    Out of the storm begins with two very different, but compelling characters Eric is a retired special forces hero who is trying unsuccessfully to get on with his life after the tragic death of his wife and unborn child Ashley is a young woman who enters his world, literally out of the storm Ashley is charming, but complex, and above all running from some mysterious past She becomes a ray of hope for Eric, a way of emerging from his dark days, though the mystery surrounding her holds him back.For [...]

    Deb Timm

    Excellent readingThis is the first book I have read by Kevin Summons This book grab me with the first paragraph I thought I figured everything out about the middle of the book, but was completely wrong and surprise at the end I will definitely be reading of his books I highly recommend this book.


    Great and fast moving story very well written kept me on the edge of my seat Out of the Storm is a book you should not start unless you are planning on ignoring everything else until you are finished Is Ashley really as sweet as she seems And who is after her and why The first chapter had me totally hooked Lots of plot twists and turns, and to be honest, I was really not sure who was trustworthy and who was not until right near the end And, what s a good book without some romance Love the relati [...]

    Lyn Ehley

    Out of the Storm was a pleasant surprise I wasn t sure what to expect since I had not read Mr Symmons work before but am a fan of good romantic suspense Rather than retell the story, I will state that this suspenseful story does not get boring or lose its pace like so many do mid storyline The romance side of the story, expertly wound around the mystery and action in the story, grabs your heart as you fall for each of the characters The ending, including some surprises, neatly winds up each stor [...]


    I don t typically delve in to the romantic mystery suspense novels, but after receiving this via a giveway, I have to say this book was a real winner The best thing you can say about any book is that you had a hard time putting it downI found myself in just that position on than one occasion while reading Out of the Storm A tantalizing storyline combined with skillful delivery and a good paceexcellent.I must say though, the liberal use of he found her eyes or some other version thereof seemed t [...]


    I won this book and must admit the Kevin Symmons is a new author to me I loved this book and look forward to reading of his works I like his style of writing It had a few twists to the story line that I did not expect but was easy to follow In truth I did not want to put the book down I think you will enjoy this book as much as I did Thanks you Kevin Symmons and for the chance to win this good book


    Kevin V Symmons knows how to write a great story.A well written spy thriller with a whole lot of mystery, intrigue and suspense all rolled into one This book keeps you wanting to see what happens from page to page Well written and fast paced I read it all in one sitting Will be enjoying books from this author.

    harriett sherman

    This was a quick and interesting read which I found on Good Reads It was not free but very reasonable I think the author is good He is not a David Baldacci yet but he has the potential of being in that category The characters lacked depth I just was wishing for regarding the overall book I would read his other books I hope he keeps writing and improving.


    Nothing is ever what it seems Eric is down in the dumps and who can blame him, after all that has happened Ashley knocks on his door for help and boy does she need it I enjoyed this book with all its twists and turns.

    Steven P. Marini

    A fun read from Kevin Symmons, with suspense, intrigue, action and romance What could you want A hero settles down on Cape Cod for the good life, but something goes wrong I can identify with that This is an outstanding work from Kevin.

    Brenda Deljanovan

    Kept me intrigued throughout the bookI liked this book a lot even though it was totally out of the ordinary for the type of books I normally read Lots of twists to keep you interested.

    Christi Johnson

    Amazing book, well written The author did a great job portraying each character Just when I thought I had the twists figured out, it took another one I won this book on on a first read giveaway

    Harry F. Sharp, II

    GrippingThe book was fascinating in its unanswered questions One never knew who really was friend or foe I would recommend it to anyone who likes intrigue and excitement.

    Shay Leszinske

    Page turning thriller Was hard to put down The life of eric and ashley was easy to follow and get caught up in A must read for any mystery fan I have recieved this book through.


    Out of the StormThis was a excellent book to read I couldn t put this book down Great ending I can t wait to read another one of his book.

    L.A. Remenicky

    Loved it

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