Jun 21, 2021
Posted by Cathy Glass

From the Sunday Times and New York Times bestselling author comes the poignant and shocking memoir of Cathy s recent relationship with Tayo, a young boy she fosters whose good behaviour and polite manners hide a terrible past.Tayo arrives at Cathy s with only the clothes he stands up in He has been brought to her by the police, but he is calm, polite, and very well spokenFrom the Sunday Times and New York Times bestselling author comes the poignant and shocking memoir of Cathy s recent relationship with Tayo, a young boy she fosters whose good behaviour and polite manners hide a terrible past.Tayo arrives at Cathy s with only the clothes he stands up in He has been brought to her by the police, but he is calm, polite, and very well spoken, and not at all like the children she normally fosters The social worker gives Cathy the forms which should contain Tayo s history, but apart from his name and age, it is blank Tayo has no past.Tayo is an invisible child, kidnapped from his loving father in Nigeria and brought illegally to the UK by his drink and drugs dependent prostitute mother, where he is put to work in a sweat shop in Central London When he sustains an injury and is no longer earning, he is cast out.When Cathy takes Tayo to school he points out a dozen different addresses where he has stayed in the last six months, often being left alone Tayo lies, and manipulates situations to his own advantage and Cathy has to be continually on guard Tayo s social worker searches all computer databases but there is no record of Tayo he has only attended school for 3 terms and has never seen a doctor He and his mother have been evading the authorities by living underground.With his mother recently released from prison, Tayo is desperate to live with his father in Nigeria, but no

  • Title: Hidden
  • Author: Cathy Glass
  • ISBN: 9780007260980
  • Page: 439
  • Format: Paperback
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    Hidden From the Sunday Times and New York Times bestselling author comes the poignant and shocking memoir of Cathy s recent relationship with Tayo a young boy she fosters whose good behaviour and polite man

    Tylah Marie

    Wow What a roller coaster of emotions I cried, I laughed, I flipped pages in anticipation that this little boy would find his happy ending I have only read one book from Cathy Glass before this book but I am very fond of her writing style She has a way of making you feel like you re right there with her I admire the way she describes such things in amazing detail without it also being too much Little Tayo teared at my heart strings and I felt for him His past has been nothing but awful for anyon [...]


    What I love most about returning to one of Cathy Glass s books about her experiences as a foster parent, is the familiar setting her home and the close comfort of her family I know this might sound strange, but Cathy has a magnificent way of letting the reader into her home and the lives of her family and the foster child whose story she s sharing.Having only read two of her books before, I couldn t wait to start with Hidden I knew beforehand that I had to steel myself for what I was going to re [...]

    Eva Leger

    I m reviewing this late I try to review the books I read within a day or two of finishing and I finished this on the 17th of this month It s now the 29th The reason I bring this up is because while this was my first book by Glass, I ve since read two others, Damaged and Cut and will be starting another one, Mummy Told Me Not to Tell shortly.I m fairly well read in the mis lit genre and there have been books that are very well written that, even with the horrendous subject and details, I ve saile [...]


    Another amazing book by Cathy Glass Hidden is about a boy who lived in the same world we live in but in another part we don t know the truth of.Young Tayo was a multiracial boy who lived in 21st century London, but have never been written as it s citizen.He somehow was hidden from the public and social services.A very intriguing read and no doubt a great book for children and adult discussions.

    Cary Yanny

    A very interesting book about a very normal lady who opens here heart and house to desperate children this story of a young boy who has been through terrible times How one family love a determination can help a young boy survive.

    Mary-jane Farrer

    A heart warming story about a lost boy who becomes found and experiences love and healing in a foster family


    This is a thought provoking, compelling non fiction book that sheds some lights to the issue of undocumented immigrants The author, Cathy Glass s writing is so gripping and read like fiction that I didn t feel like I was reading a non fiction book, a genre I normally wouldn t pick up Yes, I seemed to have developed a kind of aversion to non fiction But with this Hidden, her solid writing reeled me in straight away and I didn t want to put it down Each episode told in this book which Cathy, a fos [...]


    I wasn t sure whether to read this one or not I thought it might be too upsetting and it s been sat on the bookshelf for quite a while I picked it up last night and have read it in a day I love her style and it was an insight into the fostering world The world is a much better place due to people like her who provide a safe haven for children in need Tayo was an interesting little character and he d been through so much in his short life coming over to Britain with his abusive mother He wants to [...]


    The actual story is fantastic and I m glad it had a good ending But the way the book is written is to blunt, it feels like the author is going from incident to incident without really creating a story I understand that this is real life and that the author probably looked back at her log to help remember everything but it could have a bit of a descriptive nature and it could flow a lot better.


    Another harrowing book Kathy Glass and all the other foster careers out there are saints They care for such damaged children and try their hardest together them back on the right track These children haven t asked for the lives they have led and need a lot of love, care and attention to help them choose the right pathways This book is about a young boy Tayo, who it is discovered is in the country illegally after his mother kidnapped him from his school His mum is totally unsuitable into drink an [...]


    The story is based on a true life incident in which the names and places have been changed by a foster carer who was fostering a young boy with an astonishing tragic life.A light and good read I m so happy to have bought this as a second hand.

    Daniel Stern

    Cathy Glass has done it again She really is an angel, a saviour In this book, poor little Tayo is a little boy of mixed heritage However, virtually little is known about his background Ms Glass does her utmost best to uncover as much information as possible She again provides a neglected child with a loving and stable home, which is not something just anyone would or could do Further, I fully admire her patience and composure when dealing with unstable parents, such as the violent and raging alc [...]

    Shanon Russell

    The only thing that would have had to happen to make this a five star book for me would have been for it to have been set in the US Having some experience working as a guardian ad litem in the foster system, I was amazed by the similarities between the US system and the UK system It would be eye opening for someone outside of foster care.

    Monica Willyard

    This is a beautiful story of how love and faith can help a person overcome something truly horrific It is also a tale of perseverance when everyone else is saying that it s time to give up I enjoy all of Cathy s books However, I have to say that this is my favorite This is a truly remarkable story

    Sally Gooding

    It s such a shame that parents can t be there for their child, especially in a loving way Cathy remained calm throughout the whole situation regarding the mothers awful behaviour I m so pleased to read the happy ever after that a child should have, thank you Cathy

    Siti Raudhah

    def a heartbreaking story but it makes me believe that there are still miracles out there.


    Interesting storyline but not very realistic ending.


    A wonderful insight into the life of a foster carer.

    Katie Rowe

    Sad in good and bad ways, you will need tissues for this one if you are anything like me.


    So glad there was a happy ending


    A very incredibly touching store As an American I struggled a bit with the British English but in context it all made sense A one of a kind story for sure.


    A very sad story, but an uplifting end which is only the beginning of Tayo s bright future.

    Jena Delk


    Jeannette Yue

    I always buzz through Glass s books.She no doubt is a talented woman especially with children I always learn a thing or two about troubled kids I also am enlightened to the plight of fostering.


    This book sheds light on the children that slip through the cracks It tells the story of one little boy whose mother kidnaps him from the only home he s known and takes him to another country Tayo, 10 years old, is put into foster care and placed into Cathy s home Tayo is a very intelligent, well mannered boy, despite his mother Minty s neglect Minty took Tayo, when he was 5, from his father and gran from Nigeria and fled to the UK Her drunkenness has left him by himself for days at a time with [...]


    WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW This is truly one of the best books i have read It has been pretty intense I have cried, laughed, imagined, etc Tayo s story means so much to me This story is real as it is real that hidden children exist in our world.Tayo s mom is not able to really take care of his child and makes him live extreme situations, uncommon and unacceptable for a ten year old boy That s why Tayo has to go into care Tayo s story takes place in England where Cathy Glass takes him into his family as [...]

    Annabel Parado

    I feel bad for myself because it was only a few days ago I have discovered this heart breaking book of Cathy Glass Now I can help but think which of her book I should read next Well, I guess need some good shopping at the bookstore anytime soon.The story of the foster kid name Tayo was really heartbreaking, but at the end, I felt happy and relieved on how his life became I wouldn t any of my siblings, my own child or even any of the children I have experienced what has Tayo have gone to.I am fur [...]


    This is the touching story of Tayo, a boy in foster care in the UK, and Cathy, his foster mother When Tayo first comes to live with Cathy and her family, he seems surprisingly polite and well adjusted, considering his previous turbulent lifestyle But he s also obsessed with living with his father in Nigeria, a father nobody can find I liked the fact that this book didn t dwell on abuse in Tayo s past so many authors of similar books seem morbidly delighted with giving every heinous detail Cathy [...]

    Leia Spencer

    I very much enjoyed this book I like Cathy Glass simple prose She has no need to get into long winded descriptions on the surroundings or locations It is not a fantasy novel, but real life And the areas of real life that mean the most, are the people in our life This book is a story about relationships and how each person features in another s life Although the story is about a young foster boy, I think everyone can relate to the basic need to be loved What a wonderful story Cathy is so sweet an [...]


    Just finished it at work Couldn t function and think had to have the book with me to know how it ends Stumbled about these two books by chance , got hooked by choice I love every bit of having a peek into the lives of those children and the people behind it all trying to make things work Unlike Damaged Tayo had a happy ending I was chuffed I never knew anything about foster homes and This added a whole new perspective I love the fact that one can go on line and find out updates about these child [...]

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