Jun 15, 2021
Diary of an AssCan: A Mark Watney Short Story
Posted by Andy Weir

Original Fiction, Short Story, Science FictionAndy Weir s prequel to The MartianThis short story gives us a glimpse into Mark Watney s world just before taking off on his mission for Mars Read on for from this exceptional character Please note This story includes language that some might find offensive.

  • Title: Diary of an AssCan: A Mark Watney Short Story
  • Author: Andy Weir
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 313
  • Format: ebook
  • Diary of an AssCan A Mark Watney Short Story Original Fiction Short Story Science FictionAndy Weir s prequel to The MartianThis short story gives us a glimpse into Mark Watney s world just before taking off on his mission for Mars Read on for


    I wish there were a way to spend time on the surface But oh well 31 sols will have to do.


    WELCOME TO DECEMBER PROJECT last year, amy other amy tipped me off to this cool thing she was doing the short story advent calendar, where you sign up to this thingie here and you get a free story each day i dropped the ball and by the time i came to my senses, it had already sold out, so for december project, i m going rogue and just reading a free online story a day of my choosing this foolhardy endeavor is going to screw up my already deep in the weeds review backlog, so i don t think i will [...]

    Will Byrnes

    Holy crap Just in case you have not already had your fill of The Martian, there is a short prequel out there, Diary of an AssCan A Mark Watney Short Story, by Andy Weir of course In this one, Watney learns that he has been selected, applies some very PG profanity, then goes on to some of the prep It is adorable, and somewhat interesting The sheer brevity keeps it from achieving escape velocity, but it will lift you off the pad a safe distance, definitely worth a few minutes of your time if you e [...]

    Tadiana ✩Night Owl☽

    Me, ten minutes ago A short story prequel to The Martian Yes Where is it ditches work and immediately starts reading Me, now So What was the point of this story, exactly This is mildly interesting if you liked The Martian and are interested in the astronaut prep process, and what might go through an astronaut s head during that time Mark Watney kind of blathers on there s some technical discussion of orbital science and some psychological testing of the crew, and a few thoughts that are amusing [...]


    Finally got around to reading this super duper short prequel to THE MARTIAN.a super duper 5 Star read for me.Wish there would have been text, but a nice setupd what the hey was free Love Andy Weir.Loved THE MARTIAN

    Alex ☣ Deranged KittyCat ☣

    I wish there were a way to spend time on the surface But oh well 31 sols will have to do.Available online Read this for our May Short Story Month Marathon, a personal challenge during which Sandra and I will be going through our short story collection.


    Other than being in Mark s head again, this was just okay not anything newThis was my favorite bit view spoiler I will never in my life hate anything than I hate Missed Orbit Scenario.My crewmates and I were chosen partially because the psych team figured we d work well together And they were right We ve been through rigorous training, travel, sleep deprivation, and constant fatigue together It s made us stronger and brought us closer together We re like war buddies We would literally die for e [...]

    Ashley *Hufflepuff Kitten*

    Read this in about ten minutes just now Didn t even know it existed til eleven minutes ago Glad to hear from Watney, because I love his voice Wasn t a big fan of all the Matt Damon plastered everywhere as I scrolled because apparently that s the only book cover that matters now that the film is out AND I LIKE MATT DAMON But enough is enough, yeesh Not sure what the point of this was, therefore 3 stars, but it was short and sweet and cool to see his prep and pre launch excitement


    A fun little dity from Watney in the pre launch days You learn NOTHING new but it s still fun to hear his thoughts.For fans a ok.


    A good reminder of Andy s Weir style Too short too be anything special.

    Wayne Barrett

    Wow This really is short Took me all of five minutes to read.Well, I loved the book so when I recently started seeing this short story circulating I added it to my list If I had known how short it was I would have read it right then and there Especially since there is a link connected to the story synopsisd it s free When I first started reading I thought his opening comments were a little plain, a little corny even, but within a minute of reading I realized I was caught up in the story, enjoyin [...]


    This is a short story of only about seven pages, set before The Martian It can be found for free here blog.whsmith andy weir The story is written in the form of three entries from Mark Watney s diary The first entry was written after he found out he was selected to go to Mars The second entry tells about one of the training scenarios he and his team had to endure The third entry was written the night before the launch.I haven t yet read The Martian, but that s next up on my list There wasn t muc [...]


    It s Watney This is a short story prequel to The Martian I ve missed Mark Watney

    Vicky N.

    Super fun short story that serves as a prequel to The Martian It is a sweet little story for any Andy Weir s fans looking for a little extra Watney.


    I absolutely loved The Martian when I read it so as soon as I saw there was a free online prequel read it here blog.whsmith andy weir t I had to dive straight in.This is a very short diary extract showing some of Mark s experiences after he finds he s been selected for the Ares 3 mission and when he s in training for the mission It was great to be back in his head again and I enjoyed every minute of it, my only complaint is I wanted it to be longer o


    I wish there were a way to spend time on the surface But oh well 31 sols will have to do.Bwahahahaha I guess it s the typical case of BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR D

    ✰☽♥✰Unsolved Mystery ✰♥☾✰

    A short prequel to The Martian Read this short story here.Would I recommend this book Yes, I would Would I read this author again Yes, I would and I have The MartianMidtown ButcherBored WorldAntihypoxiantMeeting SarahAccessThe Real DealThe ChefThe EggAnnie s Day

    Cathy (cathepsut)

    Link to the free online version of this short story blog.whsmith andy weir t Hopefully, I ll be able to really learn how plant growth works on the Red Planet Absolutely I wish there were a way to spend time on the surface.Riiiiight Nive, very, very short climpse into Matt Watney before launch Makes me want to re read the book

    Holly the Infinite Book Dragon

    Everything is ready So I better be ready, too.I will read anything with Mark Watney This was a super short glimpse into a few diary entries leading up to the events in the novel I wish it was longer


    I wish there were a way to spend time on the surface But oh well 31 sols will have to do I get the feeling Mark Watney came to regret that thought.This is a very short story that gives some insight into Watney s thoughts in the days leading up to the launch.There really isn t much to it, but if you are a fan of The Martian and you have a few minutes, its an amusing read.


    Free at blog.whsmith andy weir tThis is essentially a fragment of Mark s pre Mars journal that relies than a little on the reader previously reading The Martian Without that context, it was not developed well Weir could have done a lot with the characters by elaborating the build up to leaving, either Mark s or the rest of the team Yes, Weir, we get irony It ll take months to get there, and we ll only be spending 31 sols Martian days on the surface It ll be a tight schedule of experiments and [...]


    Rating 3.75This was a pretty cool idea The short story takes place a few months before the Martian and it gives the reader insight into the lives of the characters before the mission There wasn t much information here, other than the different team building exercises and a bit of background on some characters If you re worried that you re gonna miss out on a lot of information if you don t read this then stop worrying This is just a fun little story that is just there for insight and backstory.


    I wish there were a way to spend time on the surface But oh well 31 sols will have to do Careful what you wish Just saying XDMark is the best, I had forgotten how much I like him Free short story people


    Nice to be in Mark Watneys mind before his Mars trip 7 pages of smiles for me blog.whsmith andy weir t

    Kelly (and the Book Boar)

    Find all of my reviews at 52bookminimum In case you aren t aware, Andy Weir knows words He has the best words He also wrote a really quality book no matter what my one friend who shall remain nameless since she s been trolled enough about it already has to say and made sure NO ONE would miss opening weekend for the film by releasing this short story on his blog He has since dropped about eleventy hundred other few pagers on the interwebs for free in order to assure he acquire than 15 minutes of [...]

    Dato Kvaratskhelia

    blog.whsmith andy weir


    I really liked The Martian I enjoyed reading every bit of it I liked the movie as well but not as much as the book.Well What do we have here A short prequel for The Martian Of course I ll read it Meh Pretty much a waste of time but I m at work right now getting paid so I don t mind so much Read it if you really want to it s not bad but it adds absolutely nothing to the story and has no real point.


    A kind of preview, if you like, to The Martian Some log entries from the days before the launch, which may help you see if you like Watney s voice.After reading this and also seeing the movie, which I totally liked, I can say for sure I also want to read the main novel.


    A very VERY short prequel on the author s website It was nice to see Mark s POV during being picked for and training for the Mars Mission I just wish it was longer.


    Super quick but pretty cool short story.I d love a book about the preparation of the Ares missions, maybe even following a different crew.

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