Jun 21, 2021
The Plot to Kill Hitler: Dietrich Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Spy, Unlikely Hero
Posted by Patricia McCormick

Perfect for fans of suspenseful nonfiction such as books by Steve Sheinkin, this is a page turning narrative about Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a pastor and pacifist who became an unlikely hero during World War II and took part in a plot to kill Hitler Written by two time National Book Award finalist Patricia McCormick, author of Sold and Never Fall Down and coauthor of the youngPerfect for fans of suspenseful nonfiction such as books by Steve Sheinkin, this is a page turning narrative about Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a pastor and pacifist who became an unlikely hero during World War II and took part in a plot to kill Hitler Written by two time National Book Award finalist Patricia McCormick, author of Sold and Never Fall Down and coauthor of the young reader s edition of I Am Malala.It was April 5, 1943, and the Gestapo would arrive any minute Dietrich Bonhoeffer had been expecting this day for a long time He had put his papers in order and left a few notes specifically for Hitler s men to see Two SS agents climbed the stairs and told the boyish looking Bonhoeffer to come with them He calmly said good bye to his parents, put his Bible under his arm, and left Upstairs there was proof, in his own handwriting, that this quiet young minister was part of a conspiracy to kill Adolf Hitler.This compelling, brilliantly researched account includes the remarkable discovery that Bonhoeffer was one of the first people to provide evidence to the Allies that Jews were being deported to death camps It takes readers from his privileged early childhood to the studies and travel that would introduce him to peace activists around the world eventually putting this gentle, scholarly pacifist on a deadly course to assassinate one of the most ruthless dictators in history The Plot to Kill Hitler provides

  • Title: The Plot to Kill Hitler: Dietrich Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Spy, Unlikely Hero
  • Author: Patricia McCormick
  • ISBN: 9780062411105
  • Page: 269
  • Format: ebook
  • The Plot to Kill Hitler Dietrich Bonhoeffer Pastor Spy Unlikely Hero Perfect for fans of suspenseful nonfiction such as books by Steve Sheinkin this is a page turning narrative about Dietrich Bonhoeffer a pastor and pacifist who became an unlikely hero during World W


    Dietrich Bonhoeffer was born into a wealthy and influential family in Berlin, Germany As a young child he often thought about the accomplishments his parents and siblings had achieved He wanted to live a life that mattered and to make a difference in the world He chose to become a Lutheran minister When Hitler and the Nazi party rose to power, Bonhoeffer could not condone the actions he saw taking place As and unjust laws which blatantly targeted Jews were passed, Bonhoeffer began to speak out [...]

    Preston M.

    This is arguably one of my favorite books to date It gives me a clear view on what Hitler did and what happened to the people This book is powerful and I got emotional when Hitler killed so many Overall it deserves a 5 star rating Anyone who likes history and war books would love this book I am glad I bought it at the book fair


    The life of an amazing man, retold by a talented author.

    Kim Bahr

    Quick, powerful read Learned so much about events after WWI, the beginning of Hitler s rule, and opposition to Hitler Many ideas to ponder

    Richie Partington

    Richie s Picks THE PLOT TO KILL HITLER DIETRICH BONHOEFFER PASTOR, SPY, UNLIKELY HERO by Patricia McCormick, Balzer Bray, September 2016, 192p ISBN 978 0 06 241108 2 Silence in the face of evil is itself evil Dietrich Bonhoeffer Then they came for me and there was no one left to speak for me Martin NiemollerIn THE PLOT TO KILL HITLER, young readers are provided an introduction to the rise of madman Adolf Hitler Patricia McCormick s well researched and documented history of little known hero, Die [...]

    Mary Clare

    Though it is scrupulously well researched and earnest in its message, I found this biography of a hero of the German resistance to the Nazi regime to be pretty dry I wish that McCormick had infused it with of the dramatic tension that is so well done in her fiction I did sell quite a few copies of this at our recent book fair, so I will be curious to hear feedback from my middle school World War II scholars.

    Colin King

    I never knew about Dietrich or that he tried to kill Hitler.

    Ms. Yingling

    ARC from Young Adult Books CentralThere is no end to stories that could be told about the bravery of ordinary people during World War II It it, however, somewhat of a surprise that Bonhoeffer s story has not been told for young readers.Growing up in a prosperous, educated German household in the early part of the 20th century, Dietrich had seven brothers and sisters who all excelled at whatever activities they were passionate about Dietrich was the quiet child who was frequently alone Family lif [...]


    In the midst of reading all the poetry for Cybils Awards, I managed to finish this wonderful non fiction story of the main characters who surprised everyone in their secret plans to kill Hitler This will be a great introduction to the way Hitler increased his power, slowly creating laws against those he deemed not worthy of the Aryan standard, which he created as well The focus is on Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a son of a prominent German family who felt left out when his brothers and sisters found th [...]


    It s good, and it is written to be accessible to a very young audience for the heavy subject matter The chapters are very short and often end with heavy foreshadowing In the end, Bonhoeffer is kind of a weird choice to be the featured character in this telling of the story of the plot to kill Hitler His brother in law, Hans von Dohnanyi, who was a lawyer for the German court, did most of the risky things Also, Admiral Canaris, whom I had heard of before I want to read another book about von Dohn [...]


    It was mostly about Dietrich s life as a childhood and leading to his death But there are some questions that are not answered He is a Jew Dietrich plans to assassinate Hitler He does not come back He was also a pastor in Germany It also took place in Germany.

    Alex Baugh

    The fact is that most people don t really know who Dietrich Bonhoeffer was or, if they know the name, they aren t sure of what he did beyond opposing the Nazis To be honest, beyond using a few quotes for papers I have written my favorite The ultimate test of a moral society is the kind of world it leaves to its children and knowing why he died young in a German concentration camp, I didn t know that much about his entire life either But, in the history of the Third Reich, Dietrich Bonhoeffer is [...]


    fast paced, delicious, short chapters and crisp writingpitch perfect for middle school readers and a little less academically heavy than middle school nonfiction masters like Candace Fleming and Steve Sheinkin


    I m a nut for narrative nonfiction, but especially when it reads like an action adventure like Sheinkin or Swanson do so well, McCormick s middle grade YA story about Dietrich Bonhoeffer fascinating I can see why and she explains at the end she was fascinated with his story The newest popularity, which I m loving and I know brings a whole new appreciation for YA is the story of those that haven t had their stories told yet Bonhoeffer is one of them A deeply religious man who bucked the trend of [...]

    Mary Louise Sanchez

    Dietrich Bonhoeffer was born and raised in a well to do educated German family, but around 1923 decided to study for the ministry, which shaped his idea that church meant getting involved in the problems ordinary people faced And the problem the people faceds was Adolf Hitler Even as a pacifist, Bonhoeffer became a spy and collaborated with others to assassinate Hitler Bonhoeffer was only thirty nine when he was killed for saying yes to what is right This young man s story is so inspiring and th [...]


    Good book about WWII Deitrich Bonhoeffer is a pastor that is also a conspire Though I didn t agree with all of his views I still think he was an okay guy.

    Jen Naughton

    This book kept me thinking late into the night It s one thing to believe that you d know what you d do in the face of absolute evil It s another thing to watch it play out timeline style while reading about one guy s ordinary life.The book begins with stories of Dietrich s childhood, how he discerned his calling to be a Lutheran Minister and how ultimately he got involved in the resistance I m happy to tell you that I found his original dissertation online Sanctorum Communio is a 380 page paper [...]


    First sentence The Gestapo would arrive any minute.Premise plot Patricia McCormick tells the story of Dietrich Bonhoeffer for elementary aged readers It is subtitled pastor, spy, and unlikely hero Young people likely haven t heard of him at all So this is a great introduction The prologue starts at the climax The first chapter takes us back to his childhood days where we learn that he is a thoughtful, sensitive, intelligent dreamer This one is very family focused for the conspiracy to kill Hitle [...]


    I saw the cover of this book and thought, That looks like Dietrich Bonhoeffer It turns out that I was right This book tells about the life of Bonhoeffer, a pastor who stood up against Hitler in Nazi times Bonhoeffer is AMAZING, and this would be a good book for anyone.


    For book talk p 106 of hardcover and intro


    The Plot to Kill Hitler is a non fiction biographical book about a man with unwavering belief From a young age Bonhoeffer was always interested in God and the mysteries of God He later became a Lutheran Pastor in Germany, though never having his own parish He travelled the world studying with others, often times not even of the same faith Then Hitler and his antics arose to power in Germany This changed the way Bonhoeffer taught.He began to question everything Hitler did, his laws, actions, his [...]


    Like my review of The War That Saved My Life said, I love World War II era content I avidly consume anything that has to do with that time, even historical accounts that tend to be dry and not filled with a lot of action So The Plot to Kill Hitler was right up my alley, and I enjoyed reading and researching about the story surrounding Bonhoeffer and the Third Reich.The story follows a mostly historical account of preacher Dietrich Bonhoeffer, who worked as a pastor until the rise of the Third R [...]

    Ciara Watts

    My husband LOVES documentary type books and movies I usually opt for the sci fi, dystopian, fiction route That said, I probably never would have picked this book up on my own I m glad it was an assignment though because I enjoyed reading it It was written in a smart way it had all the facts a textbook would give me, yet it was written as a suspenseful narrative I was reading all about a religious man named Dietrich Bonhoeffer and his quest to help the people when Hitler and the Nazis came to pow [...]

    Ashley Bleazard Fleming

    Dietrich Bonhoeffer born into a family of strong minds, couldn t quite find his place and purpose among those of his siblings He was always off on his own, discovering and exploring things differently then his siblings When he declares religion as his passion his family chooses not to suppose his choice and seek to build up his mind and talents in other areas As a man he becomes an religious prodigy seeking to learn from great religious leaders During WWII he finds his beliefs and values tossed [...]

    Savanna Ober

    B.R.8 The Plot to Kill Hitler gave you a completely unique perspective on World War II that you don t see anywhere else Patricia McCormick had unique character development, in that she didn t develop very many characters Because so many characters were involved in the plot to kill Hitler not every person could be described in detail Because of this, McCormick focused on Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a pastor and pacifist, and his role and viewpoints in the plot to kill Hitler McCormick let you see into s [...]

    Stephanie Crowther

    Loved this book It is a lesser known story from a well known event in history It tells of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a pastor in Germany, who recognized the evil that Hitler was doing and spoke out against it He was inspired by peaceful protesters such as Martin Luther King Jr and Ghandi, but it came to the point where he knew that Hitler had to be dethroned peacefully or not He became part of a conspiracy to kill Hitler It was interesting to read how hard he worked to get people and nations to believ [...]

    Hannah Fulk

    This book is a true story about Dietrich Bonhoeffer who lived in Germany during WWII Dietrich grew up in a fairly large family, and it just so happens that all of his siblings were practically geniuses and had talents upon talents Dietrich always felt a little out of place with finding his own talents and interests In his early adult years he becomes a preacher, and he finds a love for preaching and teaching During his whole later life he is also experiencing the rule of Hitler and Hitler coming [...]


    The Plot to Kill Hitler is a nonfiction book that is based on the true story of a man named Dietrich Bonhoeffer, who was involved in a conspiracy to bomb Hitler during World War II The book starts out by giving background on Dietrich s childhood, and how war impacted his life from a very early age Then, as an adult Dietrich decided to become a pastor, which is important because it is the reason why he later becomes an activist for nonviolent protest When Hitler came to power, most people passive [...]


    The Plot to Kill Hitler Dietrich Bonhoeffer Pastor, Spy, Unlikely Hero is a story about a man who is living in Germany at the time Hitler starts persecuting the Jews He is one of the first people to gain evidence of the atrocities that are occurring and finds it hard to stay silent about the crimes happening against innocent people Along with several family members and friends, Dietrich Bonhoeffer sets off to try and put an end to Hitler and all the suffering he caused millions of people I absol [...]

    Hannah Lunt

    No one would ever believe a quiet, devoted pastor was a hero who risked all to save his country But that s exactly what Heinrich Bonhoeffer did becoming a spy to assist a plot to assassinate one of the cruelest leaders in history Adolf Hitler Heinrich grew up feeling outshined by his siblings and chose a life of ministry, one his family was uncertain about, but one he believed would change the world And as Heinrich studied and traveled the world, he gained deeper understanding and a greater fait [...]

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