Jun 22, 2021
A Girl Corrupted by the Internet is the Summoned Hero?!
Posted by Eliezer Yudkowsky

My family name is Yugano My given name is Yuuki I have no redeeming qualities So begins this light novel of a girl corrupted by the Internet, and then summoned to another world She s jaded from having already read many stories like that but will that prepare her for what awaits in this world Of course not But she s going to plunge ahead anyway, and not slow down My family name is Yugano My given name is Yuuki I have no redeeming qualities So begins this light novel of a girl corrupted by the Internet, and then summoned to another world She s jaded from having already read many stories like that but will that prepare her for what awaits in this world Of course not But she s going to plunge ahead anyway, and not slow down for anything Eliezer Yudkowsky is the author of Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality and Rationality From AI to Zombies He is a decision theorist specializing in self reference and reflection, a fact which unstoppably infects his writing no matter how frivolous.

  • Title: A Girl Corrupted by the Internet is the Summoned Hero?!
  • Author: Eliezer Yudkowsky
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 294
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A Girl Corrupted by the Internet is the Summoned Hero My family name is Yugano My given name is Yuuki I have no redeeming qualities So begins this light novel of a girl corrupted by the Internet and then summoned to another world She s jaded from having

    Eric Herboso

    The intersection of decision theory and sexual depravity is not my usual go to place for light reading, but in this case the combination works beautifully.Although the book is woefully short, the author has managed to set up a rational hard fantasy premise that successfully thrusts the reader from beginning to climax Puns intended The book will be enjoyable if you have some familiarity with Japanese light novels, tropes concerning B theory time travel paradoxes or, specifically, consistency re [...]


    Japanese light novel style apparently means a very informal first person present tense narration Also, reading the authorial foreword, hero summoned to another world is a genre now.This was charming, funny, and very silly.I think I could do without the weird title, though If I recommend this book to anyone it will be as the latest thing Eliezer Yudkowsky wrote.Content note roughly 75% of text is about sex Text contains no actual sex.

    Callum G

    I would not recommend this book unless you are comfortable with some of the less than safe for work parts of the internet If you aren t then you re missing out on this fun, cleverly written little story Crafted in such a way to have the reader laugh and think in equal measure The sloppy, first person narration compliments Yudkowky s continual emphasis on decision theory and gives a quirky feel to the whole book.Definitely a good read to pick up if you re looking for something a little less ordi [...]

    Chris Waterguy

    Very good funny, clever and original Not Yudkowsky s best, but would give 4.5 if we were permitted half stars.


    As in Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality, Eliezer Yudkowsky takes a fantasy world and lets the characters really test the tropes.The laws of fantasy often seem less like natural laws and like human rules constructed to drive the plot Which, I suppose, is exactly what they are Yudkowsky lets his characters push back by complying with the letter of the fantasy laws while violating their spirit The characters don t drop into the narrative roles that the world seems to push them toward Ins [...]

    Adam Smith

    Even if the race of Earth can t win at anything else, we won t lose at degenerate pornography Yugano Yuuki is a girl that has sunken to the greatest depths of depravity that only the Internet can provide When the holy white mages of another world cry out for a pure unsullied hero to save their world from evil, they get way than they bargained for Now, Yuuki plans to take this righteous world of black and white moralities for everything she can A summoned hero the likes of which have never been [...]


    Eliezer Yudkowsky, what are you doing I get enough strange looks when I say that my favourite book is a Harry Potter fanfic, now I ll have to explain why I liked a book about a girl who likes porn a lot A good illustration of why the genre doesn t matter, but the content does Before I ve read this, I had no idea that there was the whole summoned hero genre, but the clich s are pretty much universal, and the quality of their circumvention is easily measurable by the yaaaay s your inner voice exci [...]

    Mati Roy

    I m not familiar at all with the genre Japanese light novel , even less the subgenre hero summoned into another world , but this book is written as one of those apparently It s also a rational fic a genre I m familiar with.If Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality is the fictional mirror of Rationality From AI to Zombies, then this fiction is the fictional mirror of Timeless Decision Theory all by the same author I think being somewhat familiar with timeless decision theory, or at least so [...]

    Coyora Dokusho

    I remember reading this I really liked it I was amused

    Kaj Sotala

    Not exactly Great Literature That Gives A Deep Insight To The Secrets of the Human Condition, but regardless quite entertaining.

    Andrew Clough

    Short but delightful I laughed several times and it was also clever.


    I couldn t stop laughing from beginning to end I love Yudkowsky s now established style of turning tropes on their heads with a liberal dose of probability and decision theory, and this short story is no different It will likely offend any delicate sensibilities you possess, and I conveniently have none so I absolutely loved it It does end a bit abruptly it feels like there s so much that could be written, but all the same I understand why You can almost tag on a I think this is the start of a [...]


    Ehmmmmm okay

    Michael Salmon

    From the outset I hadn t a clue where this book was going.At the end of it, I still don t.Four stars because the journey of getting from where I was to where I still am was thoroughly enjoyable.


    Don t stake your soul on defeating the Devil, but if you do, at least don t have it be a pervertedness contest Summary A depraved virgin is summoned to save another world in which her perversity gives her an unexpected advantage And, no, it s not erotica There s a lot of references to R18 acts I spotted a girl in a cup reference, insert requisite ewwww s here but honestly, I d probably rate it MA15 at most So with that out of the wayNormally in a review I would just leave a comment about theme, [...]




    Yuuki a perverted girl when she was ahem, relieving herself, is summoned to another world where she is the hero and is destined to win against the wicked emperor by 100% Unfortunately, she s not particularly interested in saving the world Yuuki is interested in fulfilling her lustful needs Hijinks ensue.The main meat and heart of the story is of Yuuki Yugano and her snarking Every time she comments on something it was hilarious, which made for a fun read While I definitely enjoyed the story th [...]


    What a cute little story Yuuki the depraved teen is summonsed into another world and must use her perversity to save the world from the Wicked Empire For the squeamish though internet porn is a big theme in the story, the novel itself is not pornographic Instead, it s a clever, quick and self aware read that doesn t take itself too seriously I was amused and entertained all the way though The light novel is apparently a Japanese fiction genre trope which often rehashes the teen boy or girl summo [...]

    Simona Vesela

    I am genuinely surprised to find a Yudkowsky s book without this great reader rating divide I am surprised I am not familiar with the parodied genre, but I found this hilarious Seeing all these ever present cliches questioned and twisted is nice Who knew there are so many deep philosophical problems with common fairy tale elements Ok it is suspectable, nevermindWhen I read and loved HPMOR I thought that the author cannot write a pleasant, simple, readable action plot I was wrong I was really rea [...]


    I had no idea that Eliezer has a new book and when I saw it on I immediately bought it.Unfortunately, this is just a time waster A sort of satirical novellette playing with the cliches of this sort of fantasy sub genre Sometimes it is funny, but there are also many jaw droppingly embarrassing jokes not the ones where he tries to be shocking , but rather really lame, obvious jokes It is also self aware in the most annoying way.Weak story, a few good jokes, few awful jokes, nothing much to write a [...]

    Basil H

    Classic Yudkowsky Laugh out loud hilarious, and made me think a bit The characters are of course rational in a way that makes the world believable, along at least one dimension, than most books and of course, they optimize literally everything, to use the expression The twist at the end with the emperor is great The very end was slightly less than satisfying I can t imagine how this girl would be satiated by mere dreams Also, a true rationalist would not assume that they were being told the tru [...]


    I gave this book 5 stars mostly because it made me laugh a lot It is well written and easy to read but not among the best books i ve read But it s definitely differenf and the author has proven his talent once again My only concern is that after I finish reading his works I won t be able to enjoy reading as much as I used to I ll definitely re read this extremely short story but only after some in private browsing Google sessions As someone said before me, some previous knowledge makes it easier [...]


    This is a funny book and a relaxing light reading.It s absolutely great if you are into geek culture, and it plays with the tropes of the fantasy genre really well.It becomes oddly specific at times especially when discussing probability , but this only adds to the fun.While this is a funny book, it does touch serious topics and prompts the reader to think.I felt that the ending was a bit abrupt, but overall I really enjoyed reading this.

    Dave Golombek

    I read this after enjoyingHarry Potter and the Methods of Rationality and both wanted to support the author and see what he could in a purely comedic piece The book is definitely funny, but neither as profoundly funny as HPMOR, nor as fun a read But it s quick and interesting and pretty unique.

    Peter Romanov

    Really liked it This story is actually overcomed my expectations I thought it will be somehow hard to enjoy without any background of the genre, but it s actually not I will only say that somehow Eliezer s stories I read always give me the sense of wonder of our world, not an imagined one Want to know what power can obtain a Girl Corrupted by the Internet in the young and innocent magical world Try this story

    Mark Sanchez

    It was a quick, enjoyable read That said, there is no real conflict and the plot is largely driven by a behind the scenes plan by another character we don t hear much from, so the protagonist doesn t actually have much agency This is actually somewhat similar to HPMOR Anyway, the munchkinry was fun and well explored.

    Eänolituri Lómitaurë

    Light novel, indeed Not cream of the crop, but not bad either Book is very logical as a HPMoR and have it s own charm Recommended to those who likes logic than porn Main character of the book likes both of them though No big re read value though and do not check all cross references, you will not be able to unsee.

    Remi Leopard

    I think the girl ought to have realized that she might be in a situation where Harry James Potter Evans Verres has been being tricked into believing that he is Harry Potter 100% probability of overthrowing an emperor, says a group of mages , and she doesn t consider she s being lied to

    Emil Petersen

    Maybe I do not read as eclectic as I thought At least this was different from what I usually encounter maybe it has something to do with the inspiration from Japanese cartoons Very short and funny at some times It was OK It is hard to do much on 74 pages, yet quite a lot is going on.

    William Tarbush

    Great laughs in hereYudkowsky, known to me for his writing at lesswrong, writes very funny and logical fiction This work about a 21st century maiden too sinful for demons is hilarious and irreverent I would recommend this dark humor to anyone from the 21st century.

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