Jun 21, 2021
How to Survive a Horror Movie: All the Skills to Dodge the Kills
Posted by Seth Grahame-Smith Wes Craven

Be Afraid Be Very Afraid.From ghosts, vampires, and zombies to serial killers, cannibalistic hillbillies, and haunted Japanese videocassettes, How to Survive a Horror Movie shows how to defeat every obstacle found in scary films Readers will discover How to Perform an Exorcism What to Do If You Did Something Last Summer How to Persuade the Skeptical Local Sheriff Be Afraid Be Very Afraid.From ghosts, vampires, and zombies to serial killers, cannibalistic hillbillies, and haunted Japanese videocassettes, How to Survive a Horror Movie shows how to defeat every obstacle found in scary films Readers will discover How to Perform an Exorcism What to Do If You Did Something Last Summer How to Persuade the Skeptical Local Sheriff How to Vanquish a Murderous Doll How to Survive an Alien Invasion How to Tell If You ve Been Dead Since the Beginning of the Movieand much, much Complete with useful instructions, insane illustrations, and a list of 100 important films to study, How to Survive a Horror Movie is essential reading for prom queens, jocks, teenage babysitters, and anyone employed by a summer camp.

  • Title: How to Survive a Horror Movie: All the Skills to Dodge the Kills
  • Author: Seth Grahame-Smith Wes Craven
  • ISBN: 9781594741791
  • Page: 185
  • Format: Paperback
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    How to Survive a Horror Movie All the Skills to Dodge the Kills Be Afraid Be Very Afraid From ghosts vampires and zombies to serial killers cannibalistic hillbillies and haunted Japanese videocassettes How to Survive a Horror Movie shows how to defeat every o

    Mike (the Paladin)

    I saw this book reviewed hered felt strangely compelled to reserve it at the library Just after picking it up and reading the opening chapter on how to tell if you actually are trapped in a horror movie.I discovered a box of very old books I hadn t realized I even owned Upon finding them I went searching out shelf space for the dusty old volumes oddly as soon as I went into the dark bedroom to shelve the books my cat screamed and leapt from one of the shadowy shelves right at me She d never done [...]


    i had to read this when i saw that he has a jane austen zombie book coming out soon this was a good way to kill time until the release date but now i am finally going to have to read pride and prejudice dammit


    this book is HILARIOUS if you love or even just like horror movies, you should own this book.


    Horror movies and I We go way back I ve been a voracious consumer since I was eight and my enthusiasm for the genre hasn t diminished with ahem maturity and wisdom So yeah, it s been a lifelong love affair, one I don t hide, or feel I need to apologize for Because even amidst the dreck, there exists some awesome cinematic gems, and amidst the classics there are film moments of hair raising, heart stopping, enviable genius The naysayers who decry how can you watch that garbage are rude asshats, u [...]


    Well, now I know that all I have to do to survive is whip my junk out since full frontal male nudity does not exist in horror films Cheers


    Such a fun book for everyone to read and or listen to if they are into horror movies.


    Finally a self help book that addresses my life


    The Good The book starts off with a delightful prologue from Wes Craven, which is definitely worth the read Seth Grahame Smith is quickly becoming a household name, especially with a movie adaption of his Pride Prejudice Zombies coming out soon How to Survive a Horror Movie contains a wealth of his tongue in cheek humor that fans will love As an avid horror movie fan, I appreciated quite a bit of what the author was putting out there in this book What to Do If Your Corn Has Children In It may ju [...]


    Perhaps capitalizing on the zombie survival trend, this book attempts to cover ALL manner of horror films and tells the reader how to tell if you re in one and what to do next.I found it humorous enough, but it felt like the author was rather stretched for material He seemed to bounce back and forth between two vantage points one being that there actually is a Horrorverse and you are in it, the other being that you are just on a movie set The advice for what to do in the actual Horrorverse was f [...]


    Let s be honest here and admit that for the most part that horror films are predictable Scream gave us some easy to follow rules to survive a horror movie and now we have a survival guide written by the guy who gave us Pride Prejudice And Zombies and Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter How you view this book depends on your views of the horror genre If you aren t a fan then you ll hate this if you hate horror films why are you even reading this review It s quite a humorous book that doesn t take a lo [...]


    Hilarious Takes a lot from classic, easy to recognize horror movies and compiles advice in humorous and bizarre lists This author has a great sense of humor and the book is pretty short which is the perfect length to end before the jokes get stale Anyone who enjoys the older horror movies like Nightmare on Elm street, Halloween, Friday the 13th, the Shining, Children of the Corn, Pet Sementary, etc will have fun with this book.This book wins the award of MOST impulsive buy But the laughs I got f [...]


    This was so awesome As a horror movie fanatic, I really love this type of thing It was really hilarious and poked fun at all the stupid things that happen in horror movies without denouncing the genre It was packed with tons of references to various horror movies across the genre from Halloween to Saw to Snakes on a Plane And with a foreword by Wes Craven, you may be able to do no wrong This book reminded me of Scream in many ways, but it really expanded and included various genres and situation [...]


    A completely hilarious book with great advice Seriously, I would carry this with me always just in case that so called fun camping trip turns into a nightmare when we stumble upon an ax murder You never know when you ll need to reference it Seth Grahame Smith covers everything you ll ever need to know if ever caught in a horror movie situation This will keep you laughing out loud and remembering all your favorite B horror films I cant wait to read of his work.

    Stephanie Griffin

    Some lines made me laugh but I was offended by Graham Smith s objectification of women.

    Scott Rhee

    Seth Grahame Smith obviously spent a large part of his childhood and much of his adulthood watching horror movies I can totally relate to this, as I have spent most of my life watching horror movies as well Clearly, those of us who are not in jail or mental institutions have learned to channel or divert our love of horror movies into something healthy For Grahame Smith, it s writing books In How to Survive a Horror Movie , SGS has written the ultimate survival guide for the perhaps unlikely but [...]

    Robert Chartrand

    Being a huge fan of the comical survival guides, there was no way that I was going to pass this one up As the title clearly gives away, the book takes you on a step by step journey on how to survive being in a horror movie.It starts off with how to tell that you are in a horror movie, and then how to figure out what kind of horror movie you are in From there is gives you advice on how to survive and handle various situations The majority of the book goes through all of the stereotypical horror m [...]

    Tina Rae

    This is honestly and truly one of the most hilarious books I have ever read in my life And to think, I just happened upon it by accident I was walking through Hastings one night, searching for James Bond books when, suddenly, I saw this one And I bought it.Best Purchase Ever.I ve always loved horror movies and so I think it s safe to say I ve seen my fair share of them Reading this book is honestly one of the greatest experiences of my life All of the silly things that happen in horror movies an [...]


    For horror fans who want a giggle Vampires, werewolves, zombies, hillbilly cannibals, dream monsters, all are covered and then some I can t reveal much because you should read this and find out yourself The advice is very practical.The cliche s were on point, as were the tips on how to stay alive And if you re just screwed First rule, recognize that you are in the Terror verse All of the steps were great and applicable to 96% of the horror movies I have seen.It was a short and good read Worth re [...]


    What a fun book I was worried that this would be dry like Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks, but this was very humorous Unlike Brooks book, this does not take the situation seriously Grahame Smith toys with the idea that you are actually IN the movie allowing for a lot of humor and less practicality Not for those who don t know their horror movie basics though, or else they won t find it nearly as funny I would have laughed out loud in several places if I had read this next to a sleeping baby [...]

    Michael Flanagan

    As a avid horror fan I jumped for joy when I saw this title, I mean how can you say no to it This book had me in stiches and took me back to me teenage days of the good ole gore horror.The book is cut up into helpful chapters that cove most genres of horror It tells you if you have a chance or if you are next to get it It also tells you how you are going to die in all of the grisly details The author has a wicked sense of humour that shines through this master piece of survival literature.

    Alex Le

    I loved this book it was just simply amazing and also magnificent.This book is about well you already know by reading the title its How to Survive a Horror movie its teaching you the wave of how to become and expert survivalist if you ever get dragged into the terrorverse.I enjoyed this book simply because it was very entertaining and also because it was in my interest most likely because I love horror movies and others so I know all about the cliches and was able to understand it very easily.

    Jennifer Daniel

    Too funny If you liked the nerd in Scream that was warning everyone about classic horror movie mistakes, this is the book for you My favorite bit of advice was if a ghostly demonic force was pining you against the wall, begin singing Lionel Ritchie s Dancing on the Ceiling and the evil force will immediately throw you out of the haunted possessed house where you may run away to safety Every single page had me laughing out loud Definitely going to look into other work by this author.


    I was expecting from this Maybe some actual survival skills I guess you could say I m spoiled from reading Zombie Survival Guides, or it s because I m a horror movie fan and everything in here was common sense There was also some passages that were taken straight out of movie plots, like Snakes On A Plane I felt there was no creativity in this Good concept, great as a gag gift, but took nothing away from reading this.


    Reading the title, and knowing Grahame Smith s work, I expected this to be a pretty decent read I am a huge horror fan and have a high standard on what is said on it.Reading this was an amazing experience.From Wes Craven s introduction to what you should do when your director is out to kill you, it was a fascinating read for anyone who has even the slightest like for Horror, let alone a huge love for it.


    Strangely enough, this book is shelved in the non fiction section of the library I borrowed it from All I can say is they must know something I don t The book itself was creative, and what you d expect from a writer like Mr Smith My most negative point would be the art work It could have been a lot better.


    the reason why I chose this book because my older sister lant me the book for a cupal days I read a fuw pages and my sister took it back and i get to finish the book wich im very thankful for and this book was very funny and you can uses that book to know what gonna happan next in a horror movie and in the last pages tall you what good horror movie to whach

    Khawla O 240521

    I like the book, but not that much I think that I reached a point that I didn t want to complete it But I believe that it would help people who have some issues with horror movie The book has a good grammar, good structure, easy vocabulary The book is a combination between comedy and horror I believe that the tips are very helpful I recommend you to read this book.

    Mika Harjula

    I like the idea than the book itself Expected something entirely different Easy and quick Very repetitive Headings and colouring cool For some reason Scoopy Doo kept on reappearing in my head What s up with that

    Ray Campbell

    Very, very funny In this short work, Grahame Smith gives advice based on horror genre cliches and the assumption that the reader is a character in a horror film Cleverly, Grahame Smith doesn t mention any films by name, but refers to dozens of films that are ironic in popular culture.


    So funny, and the perfect audiobook to listen to in October or really any time assuming you like to laugh.

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    How to Survive a Horror Movie: All the Skills to Dodge the Kills