Jun 21, 2021
The Wind on Fire Trilogy: The Wind Singer/Slaves of the Mastery/Firesong
Posted by William Nicholson

Twins Bowman and Kestrel have saved their family and the rest of the Manth people from slavery and helped bring about the downfall of the cruel city state of the Mastery Now, led by their mother, a prophetess, they are free to seek their promised land But the journey is long and hard, filled with many dangers, enemies, distractions, and temptations And each of the traveTwins Bowman and Kestrel have saved their family and the rest of the Manth people from slavery and helped bring about the downfall of the cruel city state of the Mastery Now, led by their mother, a prophetess, they are free to seek their promised land But the journey is long and hard, filled with many dangers, enemies, distractions, and temptations And each of the travelers is preoccupied with his or her own worries Hanno Hath, the twins father, is troubled to see his beloved wife weaken as they draw close to the promised land As well, he must bolster the endurance of the often doubting and disgruntled Manth people Bowman is torn between his attraction to Sisi, a former princess, and his destiny, as he perceives it, to sacrifice himself for the good of the people Kestrel also feels a pull toward a mission, toward something but for some reason, she cannot envision her life beyond the journey This is the satisfying and profound ending to the trilogy, which began with The Wind Singer, winner of the coveted Smarties Prize in England.

  • Title: The Wind on Fire Trilogy: The Wind Singer/Slaves of the Mastery/Firesong
  • Author: William Nicholson
  • ISBN: 9781405201964
  • Page: 299
  • Format: Hardcover
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    The Wind on Fire Trilogy The Wind Singer Slaves of the Mastery Firesong Twins Bowman and Kestrel have saved their family and the rest of the Manth people from slavery and helped bring about the downfall of the cruel city state of the Mastery Now led by their mother a pr

    ZIMF The all 3 fruit. Epic.

    Review William Nicholson is a master at fine the art of writing fantasy He tells his compelling and very belivable story with simple language, but deeply true ideas Although the book takes place in an imagined setting, with ficticious characters and times, the story of Manth is very real to us all, with true to earth people and enchantingly true personalities However, the idea of all will be well in the end is rather overdone, and the importance of the Singer people is rather overly stressed Wit [...]

    Jess 🍀

    One of my favourites as a kid


    Just read them Please You ll love them, I bet.

    Karina Fugett

    I really liked the first one of the trilogy, but the second book was less exciting, and the third one positively dragged for me at least.


    I enjoyed the first novel well enough, but the second and third were not only disappointing, but eroded my liking of the first The Windsinger starts with an oppressive society, and a family set on disrupting it, each in their own way Parts of the journey were cliched and some of the characterisation was not very complete, but the novel was saved by some well written pieces of resistance and some imaginative motifs view spoiler the windsinger itself, the creepy singing children, the exam hide spo [...]


    Reread of this trilogy It s so fantastic, better than my memory


    I read The Wind Singer practically in one sitting stayed up half the night to finish it, that s how much I got into it Great story, interesting characters Now I have to try to find the other two books in the trilogy Slaves of the Mastery was really good too Now waiting for book 3 to arrive It s here Firesong didn t grab me anywhere near as quickly as the other two did Maybe because the whining of the various people on the trek got a little tiresome It was still fascinating, even though I got a l [...]

    Angelo de Clare

    Book 1 When I was reading this book I was expecting a long and dangerous quest taken by teens, fighting off the forces of evil in a mysterious and magical world And I got what I asked for It is not my favorite of the trilogy and in fact the first two times I read it I actually had to put it down at some points just because I got really confused It s a bit like Harry Potter and His Dark Materials I think you have to read it when you are young, the first time although I was just confused It is a w [...]


    Nicholson has a great imagination The writing and the believability of this trilogy are a bit lacking, however And a lot of his interesting ideas cultures are barely even touched upon.Book 1 I recognize it is a fantasy trilogy and suspension of disbelief is called for to a certain extent but 8 year old twins set off on a journey of months and manage to not starve to death, or get violently murdered, and overcome ultimate evil Not to mention, they still somehow know how to sail ships despite gro [...]


    I LOVE these books they are all about one family called the Hath s The family go through ups and downs The plot of the main book is all about kestrel who hates the tests that they contiunously do No one knows why but some but some say it is because the zars stole the heart of the wind singer Kestrel, he r brother bow and a weird boy set out on a terrifing adventure to bring back the wind sing to where it belongs.In the second book the town where the Haths live is caaptured by evil magicians Ever [...]


    I still find these books incredible, and I can t believe how much I remembered, even though I think this is only the second time I ve read them, and I think the first time was around 2002 Excellent story line and characters I do love the Manth people The first time I read this series, I read it backwards I started with Firesong, because I didn t realize it was the third in a series, and I loved it, and was excited when I found out that there were So then I was left with the decision, should I r [...]

    Jonathan Davies

    I love these books It does help that they re very much written like a film and so very easy to follow But despite all my childhood desperation for this trilogy to be made into a film, I don t think anyone could do it justice The first story is wonderful and imaginative as you follow three desperate children on an adventure to save their city from a mysterious and malign force Then the children grow up to young adults as you follow them through further trials and tribulations as their entire city [...]


    I am reading the third book, Firesong, of The Wind on Fire Trilogy In this book Bowman and Kestrel have their third and final journey They are joined by their friend Mumpo, their parents and the rest of the Manth people The Manth people are now looking for their homeland Their original home was taken over and burned down by bandits, and they were forced to leave Now they re on a trecherous journey across the land and over the mountains to find the place where they belong They don t even have a m [...]


    This book is for the younger audience, but when read at the right age it genuinely is a stunning set of books It did have a few images that stuck with me that were perhaps a little too dark for the younger end of the recommended reading age but I remember thinking it was super cool to have a book that dealt with death and other dark things so head on unlike those normal happy dappy ending children s books.Even at a young age I found it hard to get past the made up curse words used but that is so [...]

    Sally Samuel

    This is one of my favourite trilogies of all time A series that portrays so many genres creatively adventure, suspense, sci fi, dystopian fantasy, romance The characters are wonderfully structured and interesting to get to know The violent underlying core of the society of Aramanth and the radical changes it goes through the reader from beginning to end, as does the families unbelievable journey I ve read these three a few times and I think they are a marvelous display of unique fantasy adventur [...]


    i read this when i was much younger, i think i was 13 or so i re read the series last year to refresh my memory i loved the swear words which the author created, they were so funny i remember going round the house using them instead of the normal swear words my family probably thought i was weird saying sagahog and hubahubapinpin aroung the house i just laugh when i think of it i know, i know its veeeery silly but i was younger then


    read this series with your young adult children then go visit anywhere outside of a city They see the landscape as a place visited in the book We went to the topaz mountain interrment camp, as well as many places in Hawaii and my children commented on how this could be the place where Kestrel and Bowman were when something happened The imagery in the book was very well painted without being long and boring very un english to me that s a good thing.


    I read these books a long time ago when I was a child, and i am hoping to read them again soon I found them absolutely spellbinding As a child they spoke to my sense of adventure, my imagination, my loneliness and most of all, my desire for a compelling read I don t want to give anything away, but I highly recommend giving these books a chance I really believe that they would speak to adults as much, if not , as children.


    Exciting and imaginative fantasy and adventure trilogy Imagine living in a city where how much money you make and how well you live is determined by the marks you get in your exams Two children rebel and go in search of a new homeland encountering weird and wonderful situations on the way as they search for the key to their identity.Book 2 Slaves of the Mastery stands out as the winner of the series delivering on action, fear and suspense.


    I absolutely loved all the characters.Micholson s writing style is very different, and the main characters in the series are very entertaining.The story is a little loose but the turn of events and some specific scenes when Bowman flies were really well written.Although the series is made up of thin books, all three parts are equally entertaining, the second being my overall favourite.


    One of the most consistant series of books I have ever read Every book was intense, powerful and captivating I warmed to the central characters completely and still think about this trilogy even years after I read it Bowman and Kestral are two of the most well rounded and exciting characters I have ever been introduced to I don t think this trilogy has enough recognition


    Really enjoyed reading this series Nicholson has created such a rich dystopian world thats unlike many other recent dystopian novels Unlike many other recent dystopian novels, i feel that Bowman and Kestrel go through much of a psychological growth and development as the story progresses than just am i good enough concept its an endearing series, loved it from beginning to end.


    This is a great fantasy trilogy I like the first book the best, but all three really are great Author does a great job portraying the fantastical elements and has some really fun new ideas for magic The only drawback is that I got bogged down a little in the third book, but I loved the ending


    This is a great young adult adventure series Like much of the best of its genre it touches on some intense themes about humanity and self determination This series does so in a simple yet unique manner, following an iconoclast family through triumph and defeat to a riveting finale It belongs squarely between the L engle time series and His Dark Materials.


    i love these books sooo much i literally cried when i finished reading the last book and when i stopped reading for the nite the next day i would picture it like it was a movie the book was so well written i could actualy seewhat the characters would look like because the book lets you use your own imagination to create the characters

    Library Lady

    This wonderful trilogy is full of thrilling adventure, beautiful writing, and loveable characters It also contains a surprising to me anyway Biblical allegory that I found very interesting and moving I highly recommend them


    Today begins my walk with you Where you go, I go Where you stay, I stay When you sleep, I will sleep When you rise, I will rise I will pass my days within the sound of your voice, and my nights within the reach of your hand And non shall come between us.

    Sarah Mosley

    I found that as a teenager I could relate to Kestrel, I found her willpower and determination fascinating and inspiring, because of this I was compelled to read the rest of the books They did not let me down I recommend them to anyone who requires a strong female lead and loves fantasy.


    As far as I can remember, this book series was my absolute favourite when I was a child, I read these books possibly 10 years ago and I can still remember bits and pieces of it Absolutely a must read


    This trilogy was very good considering it was out of my action adventure genre comfort zone 5 stars

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    The Wind on Fire Trilogy: The Wind Singer/Slaves of the Mastery/Firesong