Jun 22, 2021
Under the Jolly Roger: Being an Account of the Further Nautical Adventures of Jacky Faber
Posted by L.A. Meyer

After leaving the Lawson Peabody School for Young Girls in Boston under dire circumstances, of course Jacky Faber boards a whaling ship bound for London, where she hopes to find her beloved Jaimy But things don t go as planned, and soon Jacky is off on a wild misadventure at sea.

  • Title: Under the Jolly Roger: Being an Account of the Further Nautical Adventures of Jacky Faber
  • Author: L.A. Meyer
  • ISBN: 9780152058739
  • Page: 415
  • Format: Paperback
  • Under the Jolly Roger Being an Account of the Further Nautical Adventures of Jacky Faber After leaving the Lawson Peabody School for Young Girls in Boston under dire circumstances of course Jacky Faber boards a whaling ship bound for London where she hopes to find her beloved Jaimy But


    This book is my favorite the series It gives women a little less of a fragile sense and of a indestructable yet vulnerable headstrongness that I truly love Definately a favorite.


    It makes me sad that they don t write many pirate novels for adults This series is listed as YA, and the themes within are suitable for that category, but the main character is just so obnoxiously childish that I think I ve outgrown her The author does his research well in terms of nautical technicalities and such, but there is no way a crew of brutes would love and protect a young girl who acts like such a ditz, and accept her as their Captain Meyer makes things so black and white there are the [...]

    Rebecca L. Snowe

    As usual Jacky s story was entertaining, exciting, and breathtaking

    Angie Taylor

    This is my favorite by far in the series There is tons of dramatic irony and tons of playful romance, which I love Also this is the one where the characters are mostly at sea and all of the adventure deals with pirateing It is a great read.

    Tara Chevrestt

    Yet another fun, fabulous read about the fiesty heroine, Jacky Faber In this, the third installment of her adventures, Jacky has left behind a burning Boston literally and is now back to a life at sea First stop England Things don t work out very well for Jacky in England tho She is kicked out of her beloved Jaimy s house and then sees him with another woman and well, rather than wait for any kind of explanation It is the hotheaded Jacky Faber we are talking about here she runs away Unfortunatel [...]


    Another excellent book by L.A Meyer Jacky manages to find her way back to England only to mistake a lady Jaimy is with as his girlfriend, when it is instead his cousin On the way back to her hotel, she is mistaken for a boy again and put onto a press gang and she ends on another of His Majesty s ships as a sailor She makes the best of it and eventually by a total freak accident ends up captain of the same ship and does some privateering in the name of the crown and gets her own ship I thought on [...]


    Waiting for the ferry to San Juan Island, I wandered over to their small coffee kiosk While waiting for my order I asked the barista what he was reading I don t remember the exact title, but it had to do with a girl who became a pirate and his description was very intriguing.This weekend in San Diego s Maritime Museum, I found several books with a cover similar to the one he showed me And I did remember that he had mentioned something about Bloody Jack So I bought one of the books and started th [...]

    Nancy Meservier

    When her time at the Lawson Peabody School for Young Girls ends poorly and with the city of Boston in flames , Jacky Faber decides to head back to London to reunite with her beloved Jaimy Fletcher But when she witnesses evidence that Jaimy has been unfaithful to her, she panics and runs straight into a press gang As Jacky is dressed in male garb, they mistake her for a boy and attempt to press her into service on a ship When Jacky reveals her true gender, she is horrified with the ship s captain [...]

    Sherwood Smith

    Wonderful characters, splendid voice, galloping pacing, all kinds of questions raised, but for the most part Meyer stays true to the period paradigm Jackie is far from perfect, never preachy, but honestly faces her mistakes and her faults Watch for some very sly nods to literature I recommend these highly to anyone who loves rollicking sea adventure stories.


    Excellent as always, my only complaint but not really a complaint is that it felt as though it were three stories long instead of one Sooooooo much happens in this book.But I will always love Jacky Faber and Katherine Kellgren s voice acting is fantastic This series is one of my top picks for audiobooks.


    Yarrr Seriously, it s about time Jacky Faber did some pirating I ve been waiting for it since the first book This book is the best of the series so far, in my opinion the backdrop and pace match up perfectly with Jacky Faber s inexhaustible energy and irritatingly numerous talents, which takes some of that Mary Sue edge off and makes her even likeable.Instead of picking up right where we left off, this one begins a few months after the end of Curse of the Blue Tattoo Jacky is freshly returned t [...]


    My favorite of the series so far Jacky is the strong heroine that you want to be and read Fun swashbuckling tale and Jacky s charm and adventures have made this one of my favorite series of all time.


    After leaving the Lawson Peabody School for girls in a bit of a smoky disaster, Jacky Faber is on her way back to England, determined to figure out why she has not heard from her beloved Jamie Once back on her homeland soil, Jacky again dons her jockey digs in order to find her love But when she sees Jamie with another girl, she immediately comes to the conclusion that he no longer wants her and she flees from him only to be taken by a press gang and thrown aboard a ship with a dangerous captain [...]


    While all of the Jacky Faber books are great, This was the one that in retrospect began the constant adventures and patterns Jacky in one scrap or another where she is able to make lots of money with her cleverness, always barely being able to keep her virtue in tact Jamie is always one step behind her and has terrible things happen to him Yeah this is where it became obvious what would happen through out the series This one was still good though, Jacky has left her school and is having many mis [...]

    Ryk Stanton

    I love this series Yes, Jacky Faber is a Mary Sue, but I just don t care I have fun reading these books, and they are so well researched that I actually learn things too For example, I never knew why we had the expression son of a gun until I read it in this book I looked it up after reading why in this book, and was amazed.Jacky is really a good hearted girl, too, and that makes me love this series all the What would YOU do with your winnings as a pirate Probably not what Jacky does, but she i [...]


    After leaving Boston and the Lawson Peabody School of Young Girls behind in flames, Jacky returns to England in search of her dear Jaimy But after getting kicked out of Jaimy s house and seeing him with a another woman, she runs away, only to be kidnapped and drafted by a press gang So begins Jacky s adventure aboard another of His Majesty s ships the HMS Wolverine But this time, the captain of the ship is a dangerous, lecherous man who only wants to see Jacky in his bed For the sake of her surv [...]

    Morgan Sweeney

    This one was the best in the series in my opinion It really set the course for the next few books In this book, Jacky becomes a pirate In all the books, I like Jacky as a pirate the best Also, did anyone notice how Jaimy is always gone in every book, there is a short encounter of some sort and then they are torn apart again I fond that Jaimy really isn t a very strong character There is almost no character development and he s just plain boring.Liam was awesome in this book The growth of their r [...]


    I am forever and always a fan of Jacky Faber, main character of the Bloody Jack series, so I knew that I had to listen to book three, Under The Jolly Roger Being An Account Of The Further Nautical Adventures Of Jacky Faber by L.A Meyer You see, these books are about a girl who dresses as a boy so that she can be a sailor, and well, in this one that happens to both good and bad ends Basically, I listened to the next book in the series because I was in desperate need of a guaranteed good listen an [...]


    I knew it I knew she couldn t have been made a midshipman for nothing It may be just me and my love of anything piratical, but I feel like the Jacky Faber books are best when she is back at sea and this book did not disappoint I have not encountered many better books than this.On a slightly unrelated note, my husband watched the movie Master and Commander the other night Aside from the music, I do not like that movie at all, because there are no women in it I am purposefully not counting the pro [...]


    Audiobook While not as fantastic as the first entry in the series, this comes extremely close, falling just short of the greatness Meyer created It s a little overlong and too repetitive two issues that feed each other viciously , but Jacky is still extremely likable most of the time , there s still a ton of excitement and humor, and the historical details are superb Getting through book two was a bit of a chore for me but now that Jacky is back at sea it s a much enjoyable ride.A note on the a [...]


    Once again another great performance by the narrator This audio book had me laughing, crying, and sitting on the edge of my seat This series is perfect for middle school ages and older and the narrator does all sorts of voices and song well I love Jacky and I can t wait to listen to the next installment.The books are overly descriptive but it works for the audio books.


    The best book in the series More grown up than the first one and less perfect as the second and a little bit smarter all around I could be partial to this one since it took place almost entirely at sea The title is slightly misleading but who cares this book was awesome.

    Alethea A

    I think this is my favorite I love all of them, but I love Jacky s sailing adventures the most I m actually in the middle of re reading this but jumped over to Mississippi Jack.


    This book just went on and on And on and on and on It was definitely not my favorite in the series, and I m not sure I want to read any There were several stories in this book, and I think each of them could have been its own novella and didn t really fit together as one novel.


    This series just gets better and better Loved all of the newest additions to the cast of characters I think this might be my favorite book in the series thus far.


    Okay I m obsessed with this series.

    Kevin Beck

    Another grand adventure with Jacky Faber and crew.


    Great continuation of the Jacky Faber adventures I think I like Jacky and with every book Also, if you haven t tried the audiobooks DO IT, they are fantastic


    Jacky is sailing bloody close to an annoying Mary Sue I must take a break for awhile before returning to the next 3 books.

    Chandler Jechura

    Well, this book wasting I started the Bloody Jack series a few weeks ago by listening to the first book on audio I, of course, loved it I liked how it seemed to be something that was missing from the normal stuff in YA that we are seeming to get these days in the YA Genre It featured a female character who not only was fun and exciting but who also managed to like dresses, and could actually like a boy without making the romance feeling contrived Add to that the sailing on a ship, which is somet [...]

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    Under the Jolly Roger: Being an Account of the Further Nautical Adventures of Jacky Faber