Jun 21, 2021
Mississippi Jack: Being an Account of the Further Waterborne Adventures of Jacky Faber, Midshipman, Fine Lady, and Lily of the West
Posted by L.A. Meyer

The intrepid Jacky Faber, having once again eluded British authorities, heads west, hoping that no one will recognize her in the wilds of America There she tricks the tall tale hero Mike Fink out of his flatboat, equips it as a floating casino showboat, and heads south to New Orleans, battling murderous bandits, British soldiers, and other scoundrels along the way Will JThe intrepid Jacky Faber, having once again eluded British authorities, heads west, hoping that no one will recognize her in the wilds of America There she tricks the tall tale hero Mike Fink out of his flatboat, equips it as a floating casino showboat, and heads south to New Orleans, battling murderous bandits, British soldiers, and other scoundrels along the way Will Jacky s carelessness and impulsive actions ultimately cause her beloved Jaimy to be left in her wake Bold, daring, and downright fun, Jacky Faber proves once again that with resilience and can do spirit, she can wiggle out of any scrape well, almost.

  • Title: Mississippi Jack: Being an Account of the Further Waterborne Adventures of Jacky Faber, Midshipman, Fine Lady, and Lily of the West
  • Author: L.A. Meyer
  • ISBN: 9780152060039
  • Page: 124
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Mississippi Jack Being an Account of the Further Waterborne Adventures of Jacky Faber Midshipman Fine Lady and Lily of the West The intrepid Jacky Faber having once again eluded British authorities heads west hoping that no one will recognize her in the wilds of America There she tricks the tall tale hero Mike Fink out of h


    This is a review of the audio book I usually listen to these in the car and as people drive past me, they see a crazy middle aged woman laughing her head off as she s driving Really, if you are suffering from road rage, start listening to this series You ll find all sorts of excuses to drive around, just to listen to the many exploits of Jacky Faber Well, I got sick of paying the ridiculous prices for gas in my neck of the woods so I decided to listen to Jacky s story on my MP3 player instead I [...]


    This is the fifth book in the series and in all honestly I was hoping it was the last Granted, the book truly has it s moments and the writing, though not great, is good, but the plot is extremely or a better word might be excruciatingly predictable and getting very stale as the series wears on With every book Jacky and her true love Jaimy are always just a moment away from happiness and being together forever before their hopes are dashed yet again and it s getting old fast Personally I think t [...]


    Another wild and wonderful adventure with Miss Jacky Faber Here Jacky is on the run from the British again still for the bounty so unfairly placed upon her spunky blond head Her journey this time takes her out west to the frontier in early 1800s sense of the word, i.e Ohio Ever in love with ships and the water, it is inevitable that Jacky will soon be floating along the Mississippi River and Jacky s flair for the dramatic is put to good use on a show boat of her very own making But, all is not s [...]

    Katie Hutchison Irion

    Ahh, 200 pages in All these thrwated meetings with Jaimy are KILLING me I m a bit bugged with his traveling companion and little sleepover friend Clemmy What is he thinking It is bugging me but he still writes the sweetest letters to Jacky I m still liking him Sorry ladies.Jacky, how could you give up a Lord of the Realm As you all know, I am a big fan of that slippery Jaimy Fletcher but I sure loved Lord Richard Allen Geez, how does Jacky get all these guys in her life She is one cheeky lady So [...]


    When I first started reading this book, I wondered how Jacky was going to fare for an entire novel away from open water However, I needn t have worried Given a large body of water, in this case the Mississippi River Jacky soon has herself set up as the captain of a nice little river boat with a crew of mostly trustworthy characters.This book, like all of the others, moves Jacky is in and out of trouble so fast it s dizzying, and she s very lucky that she has quite a few people who love her I rea [...]

    Tara Chevrestt

    I read over a quarter and I decided to skip this one and move on to number 6 Why Getting way too predictable Jacky is once again running from the Royal Navy and once again singing songs at taverns and once again stealing boats And once again, Jaimy is writing her these awful letters and he has a new girlfriend of sorts in tow And Higgins I loved him at first but now he is getting old A grown man giving a teenage girl a bath in the 1700s I don t care if he is homosexual It s getting weird And thi [...]


    Jacky Faber joins the cast of Big River Seriously, though, this one was kind of a letdown The book picks up right from the cliffhanger ending of the last book faced with imminent capture by the British Royal Navy for piracy, Jacky is rescued at the last minute through the cunning schemes of her loyal and talented friends Needing a safe port to ship out from, she decides to make her way down the Mississippi River to New Orleans Accompanied by her steadfast friend John Higgins and the taciturn Kat [...]


    Jacky Faber is the light of my life D This has been an excellent month so far for heroines I ve got my brave book lover Hazel venturing into the woods, my angry brilliant accused of sociopathy because people appear to misunderstand intense drive and ambition in teenage girls Frankie and now the amazing charming so suited to the American West I think it some strange twist of fate she was actually born in London Jacky Keep it up July, I am definitely digging this trendYDOODLES Basically this is Ja [...]

    Amy Bradley

    Jacky is taken from the British ship where she was captured in the last book and it turns out to be Higgins and the actors Fennel and Bean She and Higgins, along with young Jim Tanner a young boy she took in, in the last book, to mind her small lifeboat and set fish and crab traps around Boston Harbor to make money set out to follow rivers down to New Orleans Along the way, Katy Deere a serving girl from the school joins with them, having been the leader of the rat hunters on the slaver They pay [...]


    This book made me so so sad Is there anything worse than seeing characters you love degraded into THIS Where to start The story itself was irritating, everything that could go wrong did, you saw every misstep coming, and there s no suspense in that It s just constant action and drama and outlandish and ridiculous situations, not in the fun and slightly unbelievable nature of the previous four books, but taken to a whole new level But I could have dealt with that Here s what really got me.Oh, my [...]


    Well, I read for this book for 3 hours while I had insomnia last night I finished it Come to think of it, this book may well have been the reason for the insomnia Again, another fast paced joy ride into the life and times of Jacky Faber, privateer showboat captain actress musican and all around great girl I wouldn t want to have to live her life Too much going on L A Meyer does press his luck just a wee bit with all the miraculous coincidences that befall poor Jacky, and for that I m only giving [...]


    Nothing better than listening to a Jacky Faber adventure in the car


    Least favorite one so far, but I will continue


    Personal Response This book kept my attention throughout the entire book The beginning of the book seemed a bit lax It did not seem like it had as much action in the beginning as it could have had The continuing chasing of Jacky by Jaimy seemed a little ridiculous due to the fact that he literally chased her across the country When Jaimy finally caught up to Jacky it was the worst timing ever It seemed a little unfair to Jacky with how bad Jaimy and Richard s timing was The slave hunters with ho [...]

    Nick Imrie

    The charm of Jacky Faber is that she is intensely loyal, making friends everywhere she goes Jacky doesn t have a moral framework or code that she works by, which is why she has such an easy time flauting the law and the rules as she says she weren t brought up proper Instead, her loyal heart, generous spirit, and sense of fairness make sure that never does anything truly wrong, however much she may push the boundaries For example, stealing the Emerald was very illegal and maybe wrong, but you co [...]


    To be fair, the one star I give this book is a mass rating for the rest of the series I haven t read it all the way through, and from what I ve learned of the contents of the next several books, I really don t want to.Jaimy and Jacky s relationship woes were, if not entertaining, at least tolerable for the beginning of the series But misunderstandings can only carry a story so far, and I absolutely cannot stand the inconsistencies in these characters Meyer drills into his reader that what Jacky [...]

    Samantha wickedshizuku Tolleson

    After the last book, which in fact traumatized me for life, I took a break from this series for about a month This was the levelSo after an interesting couple of weeks in my personal life I finally got my external hard drive in order, and transferred this to my ereader I have been laughing hysterically all day.For Jaime s p.o.v this time, just imagine Van Fanel leading protagonist from the anime Escaflowne, with a beard in this one the following visual might helpAnd for leading lady Jacky Faber [...]

    Lori Twichell

    This was, by far, my favorite of the Jacky Faber books thus far Part of that could have been because the book takes place a large part of it at least around the Western Pennsylvania area where I grew up Pittsburgh, Johnstown, and other locales are beautifully described in this story even though some harm does come to our favorite characters in these places the author nailed the era and location perfectly As well he should since he grew up in PA himself I was absolutely delighted to listen to Jac [...]


    2nd review Why I read this I love these books and they are amazing on audio Plot In this book, we find Jacky trekking across the Americas and of course finding a boat to sail down the Mississippi River Jacky may be inland, but she always finds a way to stay on water as much as possible This book is full of new twists, a possibly reunion with Jaimy and some adventures that involve pirates, a whorehouse, and trying not to get killed.Characters I love Mike Fink What a fantastic character An over th [...]


    Yeesh I m afraid this is my last Bloody Jack adventure As the series has progressed I ve realized the author has the same plot mechanics repeated over and over again, ad nauseum In the last couple books I realized this, and held the opinion that it was of no consequence, and that the story was still engaging Oh how wrong I was The heroine who really is a bit dimwitted considering how many times she is captured is confronted with capture, followed by rescue, followed by worst timing ever, followe [...]


    Alright, I took a break during this book.I didn t mean to take a break mind you, it just sort of happened I m in the USA Navy myself, and unlike good ol Jackie I find myself tethered down a mite bit quicker than she, and have suffered lack of reading because of a ridiculous work schedule during deployment So a whiles ago I had read a good size of this book, but laid it to the wayside due to work requirements In fact, I haven t been able to read ANY book in the past few months.But I just couldn t [...]

    Caitlín (Ink Mage)

    This is so far my favorite book in the Bloody Jack Adventures The plot is thick with adventures and escapes and new characters and old with a hilarious finale and a happy ending The collection of accents was great, and so was hearing Mr James Emerson Fletcher s side of the story for once Like other reviewers, I am also a little tired of Jaimy and Jacky being so close to meeting again and missing each other by minutes, but oh well On the whole I loved it Can t wait to read My Bonny Light Horseman [...]

    Emily Bell

    While I love this series and I will always find myself attached to L.A Meyer s delightful characters, this book is where the series goes down in quality, in my opinion A few of the new characters, such as Fink, come across as two dimensional and over ridiculous The language is often unnecessarily crude, and when all else fails in the plot, Jacky can sing a tune and everything will be fine again There are a few ridiculous rabbit trails that took away from the main storyline, such as Jacky being w [...]

    Carly O'Connell

    The series continues to be enjoyable although a few things have started to bother me, notably Jackie s blurred concept of consent, Jamie s proprietary feelings towards Jackie, and frequent episodes of cultural appropriation, such as Jackie being immediately adopted by a Native American tribe after spending a day with them.


    I do enjoy these audiobooks So much fun, and quite unpredictable really.The near misses between our Miss Jacky and her Mr Fletcher do drive me a bit crazy But then I suppose if they ever managed to get together for than 5 minutes they d actually get married she might have to sit still rather than galavant around the countryside.I also like how she is a very strong clever woman but not the stereotype of a cold, emotionless female with anger management issues Rather she is very emotional and pron [...]


    Book five in the Jackie Faber series continues to strain at credibility Of COURSE she escapes, OF COURSE she just misses Jaime, OF COURSE she outwits the pirates, OF COURSE the handsome British officer falls madly in love, OF COURSE the kindly Native Americans take her inrrggggghhh enough already That said, I read the whole damn book in one sitting.

    Alethea A

    Wow, this one was considerably risque than the rest I d be hesitant to let a 14 year old read it unless that 14 year old was me _ Hurry up, Listen Live Audio, and release the audiobook already

    ♥ Caitlin

    I tried to read this book a few years ago or so Very, very inappropriate I would not recommend this book to anyone In the previous books, I just had to block out ALOT of the stuff that was going on, but in this book it was just way too much This series should not be in the YA section.


    Another wild adventure, this time down the Mississippi River Jacky gets herself in some serious trouble, and I admit I was really worried for her than once I also learned what it felt like to be tarred and feathered Not fun This one was a bit racier than the previous books in the series.


    In the CDs the reader, sings, and does an excellent and comical singing performance.

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    Mississippi Jack: Being an Account of the Further Waterborne Adventures of Jacky Faber, Midshipman, Fine Lady, and Lily of the West