Jun 22, 2021
More than Enough: The Ten Keys to Changing Your Financial Destiny
Posted by Dave Ramsey

In his first bestseller, Financial Peace, Dave Ramsey taught us how to eliminate debt from our lives Now in More Than Enough, he gives us the keys to building wealth while also creating a successful, united family Drawing from his years of work with thousands of families and corporate employees, Ramsey presents the ten keys that guarantee family and financial peace, inclIn his first bestseller, Financial Peace, Dave Ramsey taught us how to eliminate debt from our lives Now in More Than Enough, he gives us the keys to building wealth while also creating a successful, united family Drawing from his years of work with thousands of families and corporate employees, Ramsey presents the ten keys that guarantee family and financial peace, including values, goals, patience, discipline, and giving back to one s community Using these essential steps anyone can create prosperity, live debt free, and achieve marital bliss around the issue of finances Filled with stories of couples, single men and women, children, and single parents, More Than Enough will show you How to create a budget that fits your income and creates wealthWhat finances and romance have to do with one anotherWhat role values play in your financial lifeHow to retire wealthy in every wayAnd much, much Resonating with Ramsey s down home, folksy voice, heartwarming case histories, inspiring insights, quotations from the Bible, and exercises, quizzes, and worksheets, More Than Enough provides an inspiring wealth building guide and a life changing blueprint for a vital family dynamic.

  • Title: More than Enough: The Ten Keys to Changing Your Financial Destiny
  • Author: Dave Ramsey
  • ISBN: 9780142000472
  • Page: 293
  • Format: Paperback
  • More than Enough The Ten Keys to Changing Your Financial Destiny In his first bestseller Financial Peace Dave Ramsey taught us how to eliminate debt from our lives Now in More Than Enough he gives us the keys to building wealth while also creating a successful


    This was my first Dave Ramsey book I ve read and I only picked it up because it was free, ha I thought people that read his books were people who were in financial distress and needed help, but several friends LOVE him so I thought I d see what they were talking about and I m glad I did.First, the con s The editing was bad as I found 2 misspelled words without even looking That s just annoying.I wish Ramsey would not quote from John Grey Blech.And the book was written in the 90 s so it was a bit [...]

    Regan Landau

    Dave Ramsey has some common sense ideas about having a vision and just doing it when it comes to investments that are useful, but he should stick to money, in my opinion His advice about relationships is based on overgeneralizations of gender roles, with a heavy handed scriptural approach that I found inaccessible for my situation The book itself is not well written, and it seemed to have not even had a cursory glance from an editor Made it through the first five chapters Did not finish.

    Mark Hennion

    Practical, home spun advice dedicated to the field of personal finance Many argue that Ramsey only offers common sense, but ask yourself this if common sense were so common, would our personal debt be where it is Ramsey has a way of connecting with readers albeit, with a Christian background and presenting practicalities in a no nonsense way that may help some readers initiate the changes they require to get their life back on track.

    Judy Evenson

    Ah another book I should have read 50 years ago never the less, some take aways for now include 1 The value of having those around you to continue to hold you accountable when things are great2 Work, doing, diligence and the greatest of these over time is diligence 3 In the end it is about contentment, giving and wisdom.


    All of Dave Ramsey s books are solid and this one is no exception It teaches common sense financial tools in a very organized way and expands past some of the basic concepts that Dave Ramsey talks about on his show a lot.

    Kenzie Swanson

    Good content, though it s nothing new or mind blowing for us Still, a good motivational read.

    Alisha K.

    I could do without the god stuff, however the information is great, and I just disregard the things I don t agree with.


    I am a big admirer for Dave Ramsey I personally take all of his information and apply it to my life in relation to why he said it in the first place When it came to his book Dave Ramsey s Financial Peace University, I understood why he did not like whole life insurance but I also understand he was mostly relating his distaste for that type of insurance because whole life on the public market is ridiculously expensive Makes sense to get term life and invest in Roth IRAs and mutual funds However, [...]


    This wasn t the greatest of his books, but it s definitely the most far reaching It s a great look at what it should be like to live with than enough in all aspects of your life What is this mystical than enough and how to get there It covers all aspects of life from money to relationships to spirituality to giving back to the community It s not a book about money It s a book about living as a good, moral, and ethical person.I have to admit, of his books this is the one I ve liked least thus f [...]


    Great book took lots of notes


    In this book, Dave Ramsey takes the time to address techniques for true wealth building, not just the financial kind He points to the strength in character and values I couldn t agree with him about what our culture has lost Mr Ramsey has such a down home way of explaining things that I love This book challenges us to look inward Where do our true values and visions lie When you find that answer, you know where you are When you create that answer, you put yourself where you want to be I would r [...]


    This outlines Dave Ramsey s financial principles in a build up format To do steps build up to create a whole picture of ways to become and stay debt free There is heavy emphasis on couples and how to start and maintain open dialogue about your budge He also talks in depth about how important it is that both members of the couple have input into the budget whether or not they have any desire to do a budget or not He mentions singles a few times While the emphasis is on couples, undoubtedly becaus [...]


    This book was great I have around 89,000 in debt of various kinds and I picked up this book out of desperation after Dave Ramsey was recommended to me by a friend I actually enjoyed reading it It s a really good book that helped me to realize what s important to me, the sacrifices I have to make in order to get on track and stay on track financially and that having More Than Enough isn t simply about having enough money I would highly recommend this book to anyone There was one chapter that I di [...]


    Not my favourite DR book There was a LOT of repetition, and at times it was preachy Not bible thumping preachy, mind you, Dave is up front with his faith but doesn t shove it down your throat But by the time I got to the chapters on giving, I was reading a few paragraphs then fighting with myself not to skip ahead to the next chapter The closer I got to the end, the frequently I was thinking enough already Despite my impatience and waning interest towards the end, however, the book does have so [...]


    Let me preface this review by drawing attention to the fact that I did not finish this book So it may have gotten really good and been just what I was looking for if I had only read a few chapters That being said, this book was just all right If you re looking for a book to help you reshape your thinking on money, saving, and spending, this is probably a good one But it seems to focus on the mindset of it than the actual doing of it I was looking for of a how to and practical advice book I ll [...]


    This book is essentially a re write of Financial Peace, but with a shift in focus from the nuts and bolts of the finances to personal character It is difficult for me to give this book an accurate rating, because none of the information is new to me If you have already read Financial Peace or The Total Money Makeover, then you have heard a lot of this information before I think though that the book benefits from the change in focus greatly While it loses the ability to be a go to financial manua [...]


    Sheesh Found this book by accident The last financial book I found had a list of three books to read at the end of it and I had read the other two, so I thought I d read the third The library didn t have it so I picked up another book by the author which was this one Instead of a book about rearranging your budget, it is on how to build character and just be a better person It has so many things that remind me of 7 Habits and 5 Love Languages This is just not at all what I thought I really like [...]


    They were actually a lot of quotes and stories I really liked However, the way his own book is mentioned on EVERY SINGLE PAGE, sometimes multiple times about drove me out of my mind It got so irritating it affected the way I responded to the book, which means I m sure I did not treat it as seriously as I should have 173 Andrew Jackson You must pay the price if you want to secure the blessing.219 Perspective comes from patience.269 No one would remember the Good Samaritan if he only had good inte [...]


    Interesting concepts sometimes confusing Summaries with analogies at end of chapters are a little wordy and difficult to absorb Don t agree with the following statement Ramsey wrote Those with poor self esteem, a lack of values, and no vision continue to change jobs, cities, churches, and spouses in a desperate hunt for contentment and happiness It is stated like its a well known fact when really its just an opinion I think the phase continue to change jobs should be changed to have been known t [...]


    I love Dave I admit it I think he s brilliant But honestly, he s not He just uses good, old fashioned common sense when it comes to finances and explains things in a down to earth, easy to understand and implement way.This book is clearly Christian than his others His others make some reference to his faith, this book is actually a bit about the principles rather than the mechanics that got him out of debt and into financial freedom And those principles are grounded in his faith.Good read, alt [...]


    I had already read The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey, so I didn t really expect any new content from this book But it was a gift, so I thought I would give it a shot I really liked the focus on becoming content with what you have The idea is that if you can t be content with what you have now, how will you ever have enough While the content was mostly great in this book, the editing was pretty bad I had a hard time figuring out how some sentences were meant to be read There were so many ty [...]


    Another book with common sense, down to earth strategies for getting your financial assets in gear yes, that was a horrible pun I so wish I had read this years ago, before I got married, but since I m divorced now that is neither here nor there I know that this is going to be a book that I will reference over and over again, especially with the extremely useful financial worksheets for income, savings spending plans, retirement college funds, etc It is Christian centered, so if it bothers you th [...]


    Great book outlining principles behind prosperity, not just financially but in all aspects of life I think this is a great introductory book to Dave Ramsey It s not focused so much on the baby steps, or getting your finances in order although it does cover some of that Come on, it s Dave Ramsey This book basically defines the difference between having lots of money, and being truly wealthy.

    Steven Kirkpatrick

    A bit of the same material as is covered in Financial Peace Revisited and The Total Money Makeover Since this is the last of the three that I m reading, I m finding it less interesting It still has a lot of valuable information and from many perspectives based on where you are in your life so that is why I m working my way through it to finish it It s just not as exciting as the other two financial books by Dave Ramsey.


    Fabulous book The Total Money Makeover was the high level overview Financial Peace Revisited was the mid level details This book is the low level foundational information that will lead to building wealth and wisdom Reading the book was like being with a mentor and soaking up principles to better manage one s life Contentment and generosity were just a couple of major themes throughout the book.

    Elsa Binder

    This has to be one of the worst financial books I have ever read I liked the Total Money Makeover, but this I don t even know were to begin He is at best vague and pompous I can say I gleaned nothing of fiscal value from the book, but I am really sick of financial writing where you throw the word God in any time you can shove it into a sentence Financancial responsibly is a worldly practice not a spiritual one, argh.


    I didn t read all of this book just skimmed it because I was looking for what to do about money and kids I like his suggestions don t give an allowance give them chores they have to do each week and a list of extras they can for money Family chores need to be done first, then they have a chance to do the extras.


    I liked this book, but I ve always been a fan of Ramsey s anti debt stance I unfortunately ended up with the abridged version Ramsey is an excellent narrator, but I wish he would ve taken the time to narrate the entire book.As it is though I am not too disappointed I enjoyed the listen and it served to remind me why I live the debt free life I live.


    I quite enjoyed this one This one is much, much of the spiritual aspect of money Dave Ramsey is a fairly good author, but with the occasionally weak section he sometimes leans a bit much on quotes from other people Still, he is able to express some great ideas and priciples This one is well done.


    This book is not only about budgeting and building monetary wealth, it s also about getting your life in order One thing I like about Dave Ramsey is that all of his books are different, and you learn something new with each one This book was the first one I read, and is my favorite That s the reason this is the second time I ve read it.

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