Jun 24, 2021
The Great Glowing Coils of the Universe
Posted by Joseph Fink Jeffrey Cranor

From the authors of the New York Times bestselling novel Welcome to Night Vale and the creators of the 1 international podcast of the same name, comes a collection of episodes from Season Two of their hit podcast, featuring a foreword by the authors, behind the scenes commentary, and original illustrations.In June of 2012, the creators of Welcome to Night Vale began airinFrom the authors of the New York Times bestselling novel Welcome to Night Vale and the creators of the 1 international podcast of the same name, comes a collection of episodes from Season Two of their hit podcast, featuring a foreword by the authors, behind the scenes commentary, and original illustrations.In June of 2012, the creators of Welcome to Night Vale began airing twice weekly podcasts, hoping to be heard by anyone outside their close circles By the anniversary show a year later, the fanbase had exploded, vaulting the podcast into the 1 spot on iTunes Since then, its popularity has grown by epic proportions, hitting than 100 million downloads, and Night Vale has expanded to a successful live multi cast international touring stage show and a New York Times bestselling novel Now the first two seasons are available as books, offering an entertaining reading experience and a valuable reference guide to past episodes.In The Great Glowing Coils of the Universe we witness a totalitarian takeover of Night Vale that threatens to forever change the town and everyone living in it.The Great Glowing Coils of the Universe features a foreword by co writer Jeffrey Cranor, behind the scenes commentary and guest introductions by performers from the podcast and notable fans, including Cecil Baldwin Cecil , Mara Wilson The Faceless Old Woman , Hal Lublin Steve Carlsberg among others Also included is the full scrip

  • Title: The Great Glowing Coils of the Universe
  • Author: Joseph Fink Jeffrey Cranor
  • ISBN: 9780062468659
  • Page: 442
  • Format: ebook
  • The Great Glowing Coils of the Universe From the authors of the New York Times bestselling novel Welcome to Night Vale and the creators of the international podcast of the same name comes a collection of episodes from Season Two of their


    This was just as fun as the first one The commentary chapters before the episode give a fun insight to what was happening at the time it aired I loved that the various writers and cast members got to contribute For me, WTNV will always be best when listening to Cecil s voice, but these were a unique and different way to view the story Huge thanks to Harper Perennial for sending me the arcs


    I like season 1, but I love when they start doing big story arcs in season 2 Tamika Flynn life goals

    Kayleigh Cantrell

    This book is just a physical copy of Night Vale, which means it s everything I love about Welcome to Night Vale without some of the existential dread.

    Baker​ St Shelves

    Any fan of the Welcome to Night Vale podcast should read these books The secret origins of the show are finally made public and all the brilliant scripts that start from the beginning all the way up to the Strexcorp saga Even if you re not a fan, this is one of the better ways to get caught up quickly However I still HIGHLY recommend listening to to podcast, which is getting close to 100 episodes Worth the time Only the first two seasons are covered in this book, but I m sure the rest will be re [...]


    I hope the other volumes get released s so much easier to read these than to listen to them I don t know why that isybe my mind wanders Maybe I feel like it s less time consuming to read than listen All I know for sure is that my fear of spiders is justified in NIGHT VALE.

    Lia Ung

    I m so in love with Night Vale, and the people, and the stories, and the actors, and the writing, and the weirdness, and the humor, and the evil, and the drama, and the everything Love it.

    Alex Telander

    For perhaps the first time in history a couple of books have been created, written and brought together for every single conceivable type of fan, but you ll have to read to the end of this review to find out exactly how I am talking of Mostly Void, Partially Stars and The Great Glowing Coils of the Universe that collect all the episodes for season one the former and season two the latter of one of the most popular podcast shows in history I am talking, of course, about Welcome to Night Vale, whi [...]


    It was great to refresh my memories on these episodes, as I was less familiar with these ones than the year one episodes those are somewhat calmer, so I often listen to them to help me fall asleep.I even discovered that I ve never listened ep 39 it was a bit embarrassing xD I m hopelessly behind right now, so when the next volumes will be published, I ll have a lot to catch up with.As always, Jessica Hayworth s illustrations are amazing and spooky.


    This is just a script of the podcast, which I am obsessed with from time to time.


    Another fantastic installment in the Night Vale universe I love going through and reading these podcasts over again, after having listened to them at their premiere It s especially fun to reminisce about the first time I had heard the episode initially The drawings and commentary are special extra treats as well I m sure we ll be seeing the rest of the seasons in book form And I tell you, I ll be one of the first to preorder when that day comes.


    For all those who need to ease into the podcast read this It s the perfect companion piece to the radio show Of course, nothing beats the hearing experience And for all those who ve listened to Cecil as many times as I have you will find yourself reading it in his voice People will stare Only are the staring at you or the Not angel right behind you Who knows


    Wtnv V2 is as nostalgic and informative as V1 was.I love this show so much.


    Fantastic I love Year Two, it s my favorite year so far, and reading it and listening to it at the sane time was just great.

    Amy (Other Amy)

    Review under construction My obsession, let me share it with you They are releasing the scripts for the episodes as books, so now I have a place to park some notes on the first two seasons of WTNV s community radio broadcast Right now I m just pulling together the episode descriptions, with the intent to add links to the weather and put in the proverb for each episode often my own favorite part of the show Once the book is out, I will add comments on the extras, and begin my relisten of the firs [...]

    Blaine M

    The Great Glowing Coils of the Universe by Joseph Fink Jeffery Cranor is a fiction work that contains the script of recorded and live shows of season 2 of the Welcome to Night Vale podcast While season 1 largely focused on building the town Night Vale, season 2 tells of the corporate take over of Night Vale by Stexcorp I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys have the weird seen as normal and the normal seen as terrifying Along with the scripts, there are parts before each episode that talk a [...]

    Greg Kerestan

    One of the best parts of my experience doing a show Off Broadway was getting to meet some of the luminaries of the Off Off world, particularly the writers, comedians and actors who make up the Neo Futurist movement I would travel back and forth from Pittsburgh to NYC by train, listening to Welcome to Night Vale podcasts for hours on end, then meet friends of friends of the Night Vale creative team, people for whom Cecil, Kevin and Maureen are not fictional characters, but acquaintances.That said [...]

    Sam Wescott

    Ok, so this book took me forever to read, but I swear that is not a reflection of the quality of these stories I love Welcome to Nightvale, but don t necessarily enjoy binging the episodes They re lovely little dollops of weirdness and just don t feel right being mainlined back to back to back I felt the same way about the book I doled it out to myself in little pieces before bed An episode here a behind the scenes snippet there It was delightful But, I also tend to fall asleep when I try to rea [...]

    Garvie D. Soren

    We must be the heroes we look for in others We must no longer speak in code, but in action This one was just as good as the first, and I enjoyed this just as much as I did the first time around Night Vale is one of those stories that suffer from just one syndrome, and can have you still up and reading at four in the morning, wondering just what these guys are doing to make this series so addictive This was the arc that got me hooked on the whole series, and it doesn t disappoint in text form It [...]

    Leah Rachel

    The Great Glowing Coils of the Universe, the second compilation of the Welcome to Night Vale podcast episodes, was a romp through the longer story arcs that began to dominate the second season Intern Dana is my favorite long term arc, but while I knew what to expect or less from the first season her texts from the Dog Park I knew nothing about how the arc would continue into season two It was fantastic to watch her long arc of trying to escape the reality she was in and return to Night Vale The [...]


    Ok so you all know how his is season 2, aka the second year of night vale podcasts aka the year 2013 But where in 2017 right now, where are all the other yearly episode collections We re missing 3 of them Tick tock guys we ain t getting any young, and it s only a short while before the books come back to bite us.Seriously go listen to Night Vale.And if you have a hard time taking in information while listening read this and the first book of the transcripted podcast, have fish create large intri [...]

    Rex Libris

    I guess I just don t get why people think Night Vale is such and awesome product The first couple of stories are funny and amusing, but after that it is the same shtick again and again and again Trigger might be long dead and sitting stuffed in the corner, but that is not stopping these people Worlds like the X Files and Eerie, Indiana were far better and often funnier types of adventures than Night Vale I think part of it is because in those two shows the veneer of normalcy over the mystery gav [...]


    I wish had a granular rating system, since this is definitely better than volume 1, but I don t quite love it The reason is basically irrelevant to the quality of the actual podcast I got into WTNV about three years in and, despite the huge following it has, I ve never actually discussed it with anyone else I don t really feel personally connected to it it just kind of is.By all means, though, Welcome to Night Vale is an excellent podcast, and these books of episodes are worth reading whether o [...]

    Benjamin Kass

    Fantastic episodes Numbers esp and good payoffs as the gears of larger plot developments began to finally turn Definitely consistent, and consistently better, than the first season This is also the season when the format began to wear on me, though, both as a listener and now reader The most amazing uses of form were always too far in between I think for myself, as well as for a few other fans, no matter how far we listened Night Vale ended with episode 49 I enjoyed revisiting these episodes.

    Myriah Crane

    I love having these podcasts in physical form, it s not only convenient for finding episodes or remembering quotes, but it just feels better than having the story out in the void of technology.I didn t find the introductions added a whole lot to the book, however, they took me out of the story and just didn t make sense to me I would have preferred the episodes straight through without them Except for Maureen Johnson s forward to the book itself That was perfect Especially since I have purchased [...]

    Kike Ramos

    English Espa ol.English first since this book is written in this langauge.So here we are This is the second scripts collection from the second season of the Welcome To Night Vale Podcast This book is just that, the same scripts you hear on the podcast, just in paper It has some amazing illustrations and some really nice comments from the authors but that s pretty much it Why the 5 stars then Because I just happen to love this amazing and beautiful story This is the season were the night vale we [...]


    I just finished reading the 1 a bit ago, and basically everything I said about that one I say for this one These episodes were when I really, really got into Night Vale, so reading them really brought back feelings of excitement and fear Kevin is a great character and when I read about the tiny civilization worshipping Huntokar, I was shocked There was a recent episode about Huntokar, but it had been so long, I completely forgot they had been mentioned before


    I liked being able to pick up the book and read podcast episodes Night Vale is such an interesting setting for these news updates and I love that this book gives a little background information in an intro to each episode.

    Amber B

    What can I say Either you like Night Vale, or you re not weird enough to appreciate a small desert town where conspiracies are real, neither angels nor mountains exist, and surviving the Summer Reading Program is a feat of incredible bravery.

    Grace Woodraska

    Would read again


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