Jun 21, 2021
The Bridge Across Forever: A True Love Story
Posted by Richard Bach

More than one year on the New York Times bestseller list Richard Bach s timeless and uplifting classic of hope and love We re the bridge across forever, arching above the sea, adventuring for our pleasure, living mysteries for the fun of it, choosing disasters triumphs challenges impossible odds, testing ourselves over and again, learning love and love and love The oppoMore than one year on the New York Times bestseller list Richard Bach s timeless and uplifting classic of hope and love We re the bridge across forever, arching above the sea, adventuring for our pleasure, living mysteries for the fun of it, choosing disasters triumphs challenges impossible odds, testing ourselves over and again, learning love and love and love The opposite of loneliness, it s not togetherness It is intimacy Look in a mirror and one thing s sure what we see is not who we are Next to God, love is the word most mangled in every language The highest form of regard between two people is friendship, and when love enters, friendship dies There are no mistakes The events we bring upon ourselves, no matter how unpleasant, are necessary in order to learn what we need to learn whatever steps we take, they re necessary to reach the places we ve chosen to go.

  • Title: The Bridge Across Forever: A True Love Story
  • Author: Richard Bach
  • ISBN: 9780061148484
  • Page: 171
  • Format: Paperback
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    The Bridge Across Forever A True Love Story More than one year on the New York Times bestseller list Richard Bach s timeless and uplifting classic of hope and love We re the bridge across forever arching above the sea adventuring for our plea

    Ahmad Sharabiani

    The Bridge Across Forever A True Love Story, Richard Bach 2005 1977 404 9649024891 20 .


    This book has ruined lives.Of almost every woman who has read it I was coaxed into reading it by one They all, poor things, lead the rest of their lives believing that there was a soul mate out there for them.Fiction The book itself, a semi auto biographical tome with the author discovering his soul mate his second wife in real life an actress whose claim to fame is a bit part in the 1969 Sci Fi TV series Star Trek And how there s one soul mate for everyone.Fact The author and his soul mate divo [...]


    What a beautiful and inspiring lovestory I am coming to really admire Richard Bach s stories I think in order to really reap the rewards within the pages, it is helpful to be in a similar phase of life, i.e to be yourself on a spiritual journey seeking the many wonders of lifes mysteries with as open a mind as you can muster.In this book which is best read in my opinion in between Illusions and One is the autobiographical journey Richard embarks on to find his soulmate The love he and his wife f [...]

    K.D. Absolutely

    This is so far the most beautiful love story that I ve ever read I liked the storytelling and the heartfelt words nicely written The plot is not corny as say Spark s A Walk to Remember or Segal s Love Story Love here is depicted by the long and ethereal flights taken by the lovers Their love soared heights and when they are up there, with the way Bach used to describe their emotions you can feel the intensity of their feeling for each other and their union with forever like the boundless sky Thi [...]

    Daniel Simmons

    Put aside for the moment the fact that author Bach divorced his so called soulmate which rather kindles the wick of the dynamite tied to the support columns of this bridge across forever I respect the author s apparently earnest wide eyed enthusiasm, but the WRITING I knew I was in trouble early on when I encountered this How long have I been missing you, dear soulmate, I thought, dear wise mystical lovely lady Some three hundred pages later, I was floundering around in Unless one is ready in ad [...]

    Angela Long (Carter)

    This book really wasn t for me It was a task to make myself pick it up and read I found the writing construed and self absorbed If Richard truly believes in soul mates and forever and that this woman was the one then why is he no longer with her Also why is there no mention of his children from his previous marriage Such a shame The one thing that does show through is Richard s selfishness.I found one quote that I liked so I suppose all is not lost.When asked about beautiful women being tragic L [...]

    Aija Ekmane

    Ik pa br dim, es rakstu, ir jauki aizv rt acis un tums sac t sev pa am Es esmu burvis, un, kad acis atv r u, redz u pasauli, kuru pats esmu rad jis un par kuru vien gi pats esmu piln b atbild gs Tad plaksti atveras l ni k priek kars, atkl jot skatuves vidi Un m s esam p rliecin ti, ka tur atrodas m su pasaule, tie i t da, k du m s to esam uzb v ju i 90.lpp J , bija labas noda as un cit di N , neiekritu gr matas valdzin juma var J , gr mata lika man ieskat ties interneta dz l s un izlas t Baha bi [...]


    Oh my god, this is one of the worst books I ve ever read I read it nearly ten years ago and my brain is still searing I hate it and want to kill it Die, you piddly New Age piece of crap.Oh you want a reason Whiny, egocentric, complete embodiment of the worst of older men who believe they deserve everything At one point he starts having epiphanies about soulmates and just when I was about to lose total interest, he reveals that, and this is ALL AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL mind you, he and his soul mate go o [...]


    I read this book again to see if it still hit as hard as it did when I discovered it in college amid the long distance angst of having met my future husbandd the lines and writing still sounded as strong as they did then and still amazes me how some books find you when you need to find theme odds of coming across this book at that time were so very small yet there it was echoing what I felt I was livingw I am not sure it reads as well as then More emotional memory than stellar writing but it wil [...]


    This book was a find for a quarter or some low price somewhere as a take along for a vacation months ago I got it as Jonathan Livington Seagull has stuck with me in my mind for decades I though why not As it turns out I am at a point in my life where I wonder if I will be alone the rest of my life or will I find someone special This love story has given me hope Right now, that is enough.Enjoy it

    Jelena Jonis

    Jeigu i knyg b iau skai iusi b dama paaugl , neabejotinai skir iau bent 4 vaig dutes Dabar gi skiriu perpus ma iau Tai darau d l daugelio prie as i ra ymo stiliaus, banalios siu eto linijos, nuobodaus pagrindini veik j vystymosi ir t.t Jeigu knygos autorius b t paauglys, gal iau pateisinti visus prie tai pamin tus knygos tr kumus, bet dabar tai yra tiesiog prastos literat ros po ymiai A net nenoriu prad ti kalb ti apie autoriaus iliuzij , kad visame tame did iuliame ir nuostabiame, kupino vairia [...]

    Sarath Krishnan

    Michael Bakhtin formulated the idea called dialogism while studying the nature of the literary form called novel Bakhtin identifies polyphony as the greatest quality of the genre, by which he means its ability to include diverse voices within the same work Different contradictory elements exists in a single literary work, complementing each other.A good literary piece is one which reflects different ideological strands without affecting the central or dominant voice of the author Richard Bach s [...]

    Rich Flammer

    Pure platitudinous puke One of the worst books I ve actually kept reading until I finished although I honestly don t know how I did it This is probably the only one star rating you ll see from me, because there are too many good books out there to squander time on the crummy ones I just stop reading those I don t enjoy partway through, and I don t rate them I also have a problem with writing bad reviews, because I don t think it s fair to the writer If I don t like it, and I do happen to finish [...]


    What a terribly sh tty book My first 0 star rating I don t understand how anyone can give this book any stars It honestly lessens my opinion of them as human beings Are they thirteen years old Have they not actually lived lives themselves, with all its depth and nuances and complications I should ve known what I was in for, as it was one of the two books ever that my boyfriend said he couldn t finish But I was seeking revenge, for him reading The Plague after I told him it was Boring Lesson lear [...]

    Joey Closson

    Though it has love story in the title, this is less of a romance and of a mental and emotional journey for the lead character narrator Richard What happens to him in the somewhat of a love story isn t all that remarkable or interesting to be honest, but Bach captures the purity of emotions emotions perfectly As Richard jumps from seeking love to avoiding and dances around his long running on again off again relationship you can t help but say to yourself at times, Man, that s exactly how I felt [...]

    Yasmin Sabry

    This book gives a perfect insider view on men s fear of commitment issues I m afraid it s not a positive nor comforting view It takes too much effort to help a guy overcome such fears, yet the question that lingered in my mind afterwards was Is it really worth it Is there any man who s worth enduring all the pain and heartbreak Richard Bach is a very insightful sensitive writer, he s no Nicholas Sparks He s a romantic who still has his two feet on the ground It was amazing how the marriage part [...]


    The ultimate love story told from a man s point of view it was not only a great read because it was from a male point of view, but because it taught me much than I ever expected to learn about love from any book, and especially for one written in novel form it also reminded me of the importance of listening to that voice inside each of us we may not always be in tune with most important it helped me realize that sometimes one person can be all the roles we seek such as friend, lover and confida [...]

    Linda Atnip

    This exquisite metaphysical love story based on the author s relationship with his wife, and soulmate, Leslie Parish is one of my favorite reads It is told in a mystical style that explains multi dimensional soul aspects interacting across time.One of my favorite passages occurs when the writer, Bach, travels to the future and sees his now finished book shelved, and tries to read the title When he returns to the here and now, he recalls, It said something about a bridge These types of moments wh [...]


    Me Read a love story Very out of character for me, but I have always loved this book I think mostly because it s about real love Not fairy tale bulls t, but terrifying I m exposing myself to you, do not crush me, please love The kind you try to sabatoge even though it s wonderful Read it even if you don t like love stories if nothing else you get to be a voyeur to a facinating love relationship between 2 adults, that isn t mushy or cheesy.

    Ramneet Kaur

    We aren t dust, We are magic The book is highly recommended to those who believe in the concept of soul mates It has been written as a first hand experience of a writer in quest of his soulmate and then his own fears to acknowledge her and how he manages to overcome them.


    This is one book that s resonated with me through my core when I read it years ago, and again recently This is my kind of love story, and my kind of lady the woman who would eventually become the author s wife Love it.


    When your partner whom is everything you look for in a partner recommends you read a book particularly a love story, I think , you should read it.There are plenty of love stories in the world Perhaps too many Too many, because they tend to focus on the beginnings of romantic love, the dizzy honeymoon phase when things are buttercups and rainbows and they get married, The End This book does not end as soon as the romance is formed It is a story of two real people, and how they struggled with each [...]

    Zdenka Kadlecová

    I loved this autobiographical style of writting.As Richard, many of us believe there is one person for us, our one and only soulmate, but it is not so easy journey to find them.Throughout the book, Richard few times kinda pissed me off, but when I thought about it , He reminded me myself, and also some behavioral patterns that I know very Well from my life experiences, so I kept beining patient.This book gives a Perfect Insider view on men s fear of commitment issues.I recommend it to all guys t [...]

    Agnė Živatkauskaitė

    viesu, velnu ir tyra Man buvo per ma a gyvenimui b ding vairi spalv Akira io prapl timui ir lengvam greitam paskaitymui tiko Antr kart , tikriausia, neskaity iau

    Mila Martinsone

    Recenzija par Ri arda Baha gr matu Tilts p ri m bai Ri ards Bahs ir literat ras klasi is un sap ains lidot js no divdesit gadsimta, no Amerikas Sarakst jis nevienu vien aizraujo u un dz ves gudru g matu Vienu no t m nesen izlas ju Tilts p ri m bai ir rom ns p r dz ves likst m un laimes mirk iem savas dv seles radinieces mekl jumos Manupr t, autors uzrakst jis ai gr matai oti piem rotu virsrakstu No vienas puses tas ir metaforisks ar zemtekstu, kas las t ju, pirms gr matas izlas anas, sp j ieintr [...]

    Victor McGuire

    I read thus book in grad school in the late 80s It was such a good read about the fairy tale love affair between Richard Bach and actress Leslie Parrish I really enjoyed it at the time I have included a review from ReviewBestselling author Richard Bach explores the meaning of fate and soul mates in this modern day fairytale based on his real life relationship with actor Leslie Parrish This is a story about a knight who was dying, and the princess who saved his life, Bach writes in his opening g [...]


    Adoro R Bach L ho sempre considerato nella top ten dei miei autori preferiti Eppure questo libro m ha fortemente deluso, e a quanto pare non sono l unico E vero, anche gli altri lavori sono fortemente autobiografici, come ad esempio Straniero alla Terra e Biblano Ma almeno, in quei casi, la narrazione si mescola agli eventi, riflessioni e metafore Un ponte sull eternit invece il banale diario della sua love story con Leslie Parrish, una patinata e noiosa cronaca tra l altro idealizzata del loro [...]

    Ramya (Idea Smith)

    I read this book as a teenager among a flurry of other Bach books While the others pontificated and shared ideas that I m still pondering, this one brought the concept of love in a modern world, outside of fairytales I read this again, as an adult, all these years later And I realise what a good thing it was to have read a love story of this sort when I was young It s honest, brutal at times It doesn t paint love as a happily ever after concept Bach and Leslie have their fair share of problems, [...]


    I remember reading One when I was a teenager and liking it because it was the first time I was introduced to the idea of a soulmate and to the concept of parallel universes It seemed a very romantic, hopeful book to me Now, years later, maybe its the realities of life experience, but I doubt I ll regard that book in the same way again Still, I decided to read the book that came before it when the author actually meets his soulmate who he later divorced in real life ha ha and I find that the writ [...]


    The most beautiful love story I have ever read Loved the way the story is written and while I still dont have it in my library the thoughts from the book have stayed with me Can miles truly separate you from friends.If you want to be with someone you love, aren t you already there Our soulmate is the one who makes life come to life The opposite of loneliness, it s not togetherness It is intimacy Look in a mirror and one thing s sure what we see is not who we are The worst lies are the lies we te [...]

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