Jun 24, 2021
First Boy
Posted by Dennis Sharpe

Forrest County Sherriff s Deputy Matthew Burroughs is having a bad day First there was the cold winter weather, then a car accident on an icy bridge, and finally a routine stop to investigate a claim of neglected children At an abandoned farm house in the middle of nowhere he finds a little girl and boy, and ends up dealing with far than he ever expected.

  • Title: First Boy
  • Author: Dennis Sharpe
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 175
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • First Boy Forrest County Sherriff s Deputy Matthew Burroughs is having a bad day First there was the cold winter weather then a car accident on an icy bridge and finally a routine stop to investigate a claim

    Dennis Sharpe

    I originally wrote this much longer It had to be cut down to meet submissions guidelines, and I feel it lost something in the cutting I still like the story, and the characters I just wish I d had been left the room to move around that I had when I first wrote this Overall the plot remains the same, and I managed to keep the ending intact I like this piece, I only wish I still had the original longer version to release.

    Wanda Hartzenberg

    Short dark and a true page turner The first boy is ironic from it s title until its last word The true horror of this story lies within the story the boy tells Matthew Few shorts has the scope to be layered This one has I loved to hate the stoty and kept warning Matthew to run Quite loudly WaAr

    Christoph Fischer

    First Boy by Dennis Sharpe is a great dark horror story, very short but nevertheless quite powerful Deputy Matthew Burroughs is called to an old farmhouse to rescue two abandoned children They refuse to leave and warn the deputy of their Father who might return any minute and may not take lightly to the presence of the police official in the house.One of the kids, the boy, tells the story of Father , who was born centuries ago in Germany and who kills child abusers and takes away their children, [...]


    I received this book to give an honest review.This was a very short horror read You will get sucked into the story and have questions at the end or at least I know I did I was quite disappointed that it ended so quickly Deputy Matthew, goes to investigate a report of children being alone in a home But what happens next is something you would not even think would happen Does he even make it out alive I found myself feeling sad for the little girl that lives in the house as she seemed so sad I wou [...]

    Claire Taylor

    Dennis SharpeFirst Boy Short horror story For only 25 pages, it s surprising how much the author has been able to fit into this story It s a quick read but that didn t take anything away from the story and it felt like it was much longer I never saw the end coming, even with the story one of the children was telling Matthew, and loved the twist I m sure if I read it again I would notice much , and thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish.

    S. Policar

    This is a short story so my review will be short so as not to give anything away.First boy will chill the blood of just about anyone The story is definitely sure to be a campfire favorite once it gets around a little I would love to see perhaps a prequel short of Father s origin as I m almost sure that story would top the creep o meter than First Boy does.I found no errors in grammar or formatting As usual Dennis work is painsaking flawless Kudos to your editor and yourself Sir All in all for [...]


    Ok, we know that fiction is meant to evoke a reaction If you haven t ever read short horror, like me before now, be prepared it s going to leave you with many questions you ll want to know LOTS although you can t KNOW if this is for you, if you don t give it a try and I think this is a PERFECT place to check it out for the first time However, with that said, it s all there s neatly packaged and short and to the point For the first few pages I was wondering when were we getting out of there but [...]

    Aleccia Shaffer

    Entertaining Quick Paced ReadFirst Boy is a well thought out and pleasantlypaced read for any horror fan anywhere The characters, despite it being a short story have obvious depth in them that some short stories lack There s clearly going on with Father and His Children than what is told, and the way one s imagination is left to roam is perfect Not too finalbut not a supremely annoying cliffhanger, either.As always I am both impressed and pleased with Dennis Sharpe s writing.Well worth all 5 st [...]

    Ashley Chappell

    If you re looking for a perfect bed time read during a dark and stormy night, this is it For my part I m glad I read First Boy during daylight hours so the heebies had a chance to pass before I ended up awake all night with the covers clutched up to my chin and watching the shadows Thanks to Dennis Sharpe I may never be able to be around children without wetting myself again.


    super creepy even though i was warned i didnt see it getting as twisted as it did the little girl was bad but the boy was way worse and father was wow definately gave me the hebie gebies.dark and scary but not gory so it kept me reading it helped too that it was short but it didn t really feel short while i was in it.


    Matthew is a deputy going on his final call of the shift Little does Matthew know the welfare concern will his downfall Great story that keeps you entertained and begging for I love how the ending leaves it up to you to end the story WaAR

    Garrett Quaid

    Read this one in Dark Light I loved the ending but the story felt rushed.


    Another great short story by Dennis It was gruesome, and I found myself on the side of Father, instead of the deputy I also find myself wanting the story to continue

    April Crabtree-finnie

    Wonderful journeyAn excellent short story to read on a dark,stormy night The author weaves a tale within a tale and keeps us entrapped until the very end A must read

    Hunter"killer" Timmons

    4.5 stars, so I rounded up Loved the details and the creepy factor The ending was horrifying Really wanted to know about the villain creature father thing Well done horror story.

    Patrick O'Brien

    Spooky, creepy, well told, and a great ending Dark enough for me.

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