Jun 21, 2021
Welcome to the Hotel Yalta: Six Stories of Cold War Noir
Posted by Victoria Dougherty Xavier Comas Kate Brauning

An heiress who can t seem to keep her legs closed A Russian plan for dominating the space race An assassin with a penchant for rich food and sadistic murder When you re alone in the cold, passion and betrayal are commodities and love hangs on by an icy thread From the author of The Bone Church and Cold, comes a white knuckle tour de force of Cold War noir.

  • Title: Welcome to the Hotel Yalta: Six Stories of Cold War Noir
  • Author: Victoria Dougherty Xavier Comas Kate Brauning
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 173
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Welcome to the Hotel Yalta Six Stories of Cold War Noir An heiress who can t seem to keep her legs closed A Russian plan for dominating the space race An assassin with a penchant for rich food and sadistic murder When you re alone in the cold passion and


    My first read of anything written by Victoria Dougherty and I will return to this author without doubt based on these short stories that losely overlap and have at their heart a bodycount of agents and associates caught up in Cold War espionage Great writing, full of life, interactions, flirting, eating and drinking, sex and death Set in 1956 the stories are set in a time of confusion, changing loyalties and deep tension Spycraft attracted the young, the bold, the sadist and the faithful It paid [...]

    Christoph Fischer

    Welcome to the Hotel Yalta comprises of six marvellous short stories, all set in the dubious twilight world of cold war espionage, world and sexual politics, personal ambitions, ideology and human behaviour You will love the characters and hate them at the same time, smile at things you don t want to smile about, and root for those you shouldn t While it takes the best of espionage thrillers and suspense novel traditions, it adds flair, ambience and a certain je ne sais quoi You d be tempted to [...]

    T.W. Dittmer

    Each story in the collection held my interest, kept me involved and reading.The characters are vivid, the plot lines solid throughout the entire collection There is well portrayed action and scheming, driven by dark motivation.Victoria Dougherty s talent as a writer is very evident here, but her grasp of the cold war era mentality is what struck me the hardest.


    Fascinating I read a ton of spy novels thrillers and love the genre But I would say that this collection of stories is genre adjacent Or perhaps, maybe I d compare it to Tana French writing mystery The plot and action is there, but the important and thrilling part is the setting, the tone, the introspection of the characters and the style of the writing It is a collection of interesting character pieces set in Cold War Europe, each a well written and interesting slice of writing and character [...]

    Reg Shell

    Victoria Dougherty has written a fascinating book The characters that visit the Hotel Yalta are international and exciting The six stories are all excellent I loved how they interconnected Great historical fiction of the cold war era.


    Six interconnected stories of Cold War espionage are the heart of this excellent collection by new to me author Victoria Dougherty I was impressed by the crisp writing style and the way the different character POVs drew me in to their perspectives There s blood, sex and tears, spies and double agents, mistresses, gigolos and masseurs, assassins and arms dealers And of course, Soviet hotels I really enjoyed this book and look forward to historical fiction by this author.

    John Dolan

    I am convinced that, were it biologically and chronologically possible, Victoria Dougherty would be the love child of John le Carre and Quentin Tarantino Welcome to the Hotel Yalta is a collection of loosely associated stories depicting the ruthless scramble for life and status among the espionage community It is a world punctuated with unsentimental, casual sex and equally casual violence It is, in other words, gripping stuff Dougherty s characters have a hard centre, and are unflinching in mat [...]

    Hunter Jones

    This book was free on this summer and I snagged a copy I absolutely love Ms Dougherty s style Writing the book in various stories caught my attention and I found that to be wildly imaginative Well done and a must read.


    I don t typically read short stories, I find most too short with not enough detail to engage me This book, however, was 6 short stories in one book, and they intertwined Characters overlapped stories and it was all came back to Russia.


    Slick, brutal, vivid spy stories that will capture the reader and not let go Victoria Dougherty is a phenomenal writer and her tales will leave you breathless.

    Tony Parsons

    Warning This book contains graphic adult content, violence, which is only suitable for mature readers It may be offensive or have potential adverse psychological effects on the reader I did not receive any type of compensation for reading reviewing this book While I receive free books from publishers authors, I am under no obligation to write a positive review, only an honest one All thoughts opinions are entirely my own.A very awesome book cover, great font writing style 6 very well written col [...]


    This was exactly what the title said, six interconnected short stories of espionage and murder set in Cold War era and spanning the territory from Greece to Moscow bizarre, grotesque, and invoking a kind of non nostalgia as you really have no wish for the repeat of the era the feel of which that Dougherty brings to life is all too familiar Somewhat open ended, but with enough of a hint that one can guess the culmination of the events and their final resolution, Welcome to the Hotel Yalta was a n [...]

    Colin Rochford

    Welcome to The Hotel Yalta Six Stories of Cold War Noir by Victoria Dougherty Didn t manage to read all of these stories It was very poorly written in my opinion Many passages failing to make any sense at all The six stories were supposed to loosely fit together, but the looseness was so loose that it lost me completely.In many cases the grammar was poor and sentence structure abysmal.Even self publishing writers should have their work edited by an independent person That way errors and mistakes [...]


    This book is perfect for a short commute bus, train, car or break Its quirky stories have just enough gore to make each of them intriguing The writing is easy to read and the storyline endings have enough twist to surprise you The author certainly captures the ambience of another time in these spy stories It s well worth the read.

    Jay Williams

    Six somewhat interconnected stories that lay bare the cold bones of the cold war period From the sun kissed beaches of Greece to the frosty squares of Moscow, human types display the features of their trades Each vignette is an exercise in imagery that quickly drags the reader into the time and place, then slaps the reader with the evils of the people A most enjoyable trip to the 60s.

    Hope Gerhardstein

    A great collection of 6 short stories that interconnect with each other and involve sex, espionage and murder by assassins Well developed characters I like this author s stories and look forward to reading her next one.

    Sharon Phelps

    I really enjoyed the interconnected stories but really wish that there was a way to tell when one ends I found myself trying to scroll when it wouldn t scroll The stories are set in various European settings including Moscow Plan to read from this author even though this isn t my favorite genre of books.


    Each short story is gripping and interesting in its own After a couple of then I realised that they were related and told a wider story Great craftsmanship Which one of her books continues the thread of the story.

    J M Davis

    Crepuscular spy talesSix intertwined short stories, skilfully crafted but too involute to be a real page turner The writing is of great quality, beautifully descriptive when required, sparse when not, but the plotting displays a crepuscular style which risks leaving 50% of readers none the wiser as to what s just transpired It is possible to have hidden meanings and unforseen plot twists without this much obfuscation just ask John le Carre.


    I didn t really enjoy this book, despite being an aficionado of spy tales Perhaps it was the short story format but they all felt a bit unfinished, as if I was viewing the action whilst passing from a bus so only had a glimpse of what was going on The writing was good though, so don t let my opinion put you off Read them for yourself and make up your own mind.

    David Berkley

    Average readBook was different from what I normally read I would hope there is a follow up to this story Would hate to see the story end there.

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