Jun 19, 2021
Malcolm X Speaks: Selected Speeches and Statements
Posted by Malcolm X George Breitman

These are the major speeches made by Malcolm X during the last tumultuous eight months of his life In this short period of time, his vision for abolishing racial inequality in the United States underwent a vast transformation Breaking from the Black Muslims, he moved away from the black militarism prevalent in his earlier years only to be shot down by an assassin s bulleThese are the major speeches made by Malcolm X during the last tumultuous eight months of his life In this short period of time, his vision for abolishing racial inequality in the United States underwent a vast transformation Breaking from the Black Muslims, he moved away from the black militarism prevalent in his earlier years only to be shot down by an assassin s bullet.

  • Title: Malcolm X Speaks: Selected Speeches and Statements
  • Author: Malcolm X George Breitman
  • ISBN: 9780802132130
  • Page: 169
  • Format: Paperback
  • Malcolm X Speaks Selected Speeches and Statements These are the major speeches made by Malcolm X during the last tumultuous eight months of his life In this short period of time his vision for abolishing racial inequality in the United States underw


    America needs to understand Islam, because this is the one religion that erases the race problem from its society Throughout my travels in the Muslim world, I have met, talked to, and even eaten with, people who would have been considered white in America, but the religion of Islam in their hearts has removed the white from their minds They practice sincere and true brotherhood with other people irrespective of their color Malcolm X

    Chris Day

    Considering the limited number of work by Brother Malcolm, this collection is invaluable After leaving the Nation of Islam, not much is made of Malcolm s time between leaving, his hajj to Mecca, and his assassination Malcolm X Speaks covers Malcolm s philosophical and political maturation as documented in press conferences, speeches, lectures, interviews, etc From his early stages as a Black Nationalist to full on militant socialist, this collection gives an unprecedented insight into the mind o [...]

    ★ Codie Abibliophobic ★

    Good lord, these speeches are timeless and indescribable Just read it.


    Malcolm X sadly gets less recognition than he deserves I ve always liked Malcolm than King mainly because I believe with his line of reasoning and with the fact that Malcolm realized that he was wrong about white people While I have read the autobiography and see the movie and a documentary or two, I still felt like I didn t get to know about the man.I bought this book because I not only wanted to hear the words of Malcolm X, but I wanted to take them all in context There is a little bit of edi [...]


    This is an excellent collection of some of Malcolm X s most important speeches However, a few omit sizeable selections from some of the speeches, much of the time leaving out important parts Still, this is one of the best books on Malcolm X s political thought there is, perhaps only surpassed by By Any Means Necessary by the same author.

    Jack Wolfe

    For historical import, this is of course five stars As a reading experience I m giving it just four because Malcolm s strengths as an orator don t always translate well to print The man had a rhetorical style like no other, and you can definitely hear his voice in his words Still, he was not a supremely gifted writer like Martin Luther King, and after a while, these transcribed speeches get a little I don t know predictable Take one of these speeches on its own, and its hard not to be moved But [...]

    Abdullah Sayed

    Malcolm X Speaks is an amazing documentation of the work and life of Malcolm X It describes how many of his beliefs and ideas changed through his life, and changed his views on the world The book has a simple structure that makes it efficient, and understandable All the major speeches are included in the book, each one starting with an introduction and description written by the author George Breitman I immensely enjoyed the book as it allowed me to see how Malcolm X changed through out his life [...]

    Bashir Alsamani

    Malcolm being not a big fan of non violent approach caused press and other people to call him a hater, racist and violent man, in his defense he says that he respect non violent protestors and their courage, at the same time he sees violent approach is mereley self defense, and that black racism is only a reaction of the racism and the opression the faced from KKK and the rigged system.I also admire how he tried to connect black american to their brothers in Africa.The book focus on the Orthodox [...]

    Sugarpunksattack Mick

    Malcolm X Speaks is the best collection of Malcolm X s speeches because it spans the largest amount of time, covers the most important speeches of his life, and allows the reader to see the continuity of Malcolm s revolutionary thinking as well as his development The second best being Malcolm X Speeches February 1965 , but only because it covers a narrow scope.


    Mah man, Malcolm, still fighting the good fight in 2017.


    Malcolm X was a remarkably gifted public speaker, but there are a lot of gifted public speakers What made X an orator, a leader, and a legend is that he actually had something to say He has so many amazing phrases that you can ignore some of the tautologies and flaws in the rhetoric or you can use the flaws to sharpen your own mind The problem with reading a collection of speeches is the same as the problem with reading a collection of poetry it is meant to be read aloud, so for someone like me [...]


    Malcom was able to draw from others experience as well as his own studies to shape and push ideas of black identity in the national dialogue in an intelligent, charasmatic, inspirational way His speeches are the building blocks to his success and you know they say genius is in the details.


    Can you imagine what the world would look like today if great leaders like Malcolm X, Patrice Lumumba, and Martin Luther King, Jr were actually allowed to live and grow old

    Crystal Belle

    the ballot or the bullet speech is timeless and my favorite speech of the book.


    Usually when people are sad, they don t do anything They just cry over their condition But when they get angry, they bring about a change.

    SJ Loria

    This review is for the Autobiography of Malcolm X.There are few leaders, but within the real of leaders there are different leadership types Having finished Malcom X s autobiography for the second time, I asked myself who he is as a person, what kind of leader is he, what did he stand for, and why was he perceived by the country the way he was I ll state this from the beginning I really like Malcolm X, I think he was intentionally harsh to make his larger points, and than anything else I admire [...]


    Forget about the autobiography maybe watch the movie if you have the 3hrs to spare but just know that this is probably the only book you need to read if you re interested in Malcom X.It s straight to the point All speeches, no fluff By reading his words, you will should see the drastic changes that happened within Malcoms own thought process from the time spent with Elijah Muhammad to his own movement.

    Zac Sheaffer

    This book is important in gaining a complete understanding of X and his vision because it consists of speeches from the final year of his life, after his split with the NOI I recommend that any student of history read this book.

    Cynthia Moore

    Read this long ago , maybe in the 70s Going through my bookcase for things to donate and what to keep This is still a keeper.


    Malcolm X is one of the most controversial figures in American history, yet you would be hard pressed to find many people today who have listened or read a speech by Malcolm X Growing up, the Civil Rights Movement in my education was defined into two parts MLK Jr nonviolence is the answer, etc vs Malcolm X violence is okay Even on a basic level getting away from the simplification, its deceiving to draw the lines like that After all, Malcolm X was assassinated in 65, less than a year after the p [...]


    2017 Reading Challenge A book that s been mentioned in another bookMalcolm X Speaks Selected Speeches and Statements these speeches were mentioned in Between the World and Me by Ta Nehisi Coates, which I read last year.I read this book in college, but wanted to revisit it now that I have re read The Autobiography of Malcolm X, and was reading Taylor Branche s works that I found very problematic in their handling of Black nationalism and Malcolm X specifically.These speeches are incredibly releva [...]


    Regardless of what I think about Malcolm X the man or the activist, this is an invaluable collection of speeches, interviews, and historical narrative that traces the evolution of his thought in his last year, maybe his most dynamic in terms of personal and political growth While the speeches toward the end get repetitive, the first several are sharp, articulate, and nearly jump off the page with an angry energy Several times while reading I wished I had been able to see him speak just once, but [...]


    A principios de 1960, por ejemplo, tras el enorme mpetu creado por la Conferencia de Bandung y las luchas de liberaci n nacional Africanas y Latinoamericanas, Malcolm X intent reorientar el foco de las demandas de los Afroamericanos desde los derechos civiles hacia los derechos humanos y esto desvi ret ricamente el foro de apelaci n desde el Congreso de los Estados Unidos a la Asamblea General de la ONU Como muchos otros l deres Afroamericanos desde Marcus Garvey, Malcolm X reconoci claramente e [...]


    I find Malcolm X and his ideas fascinating and revolutionary There are great aspects to this book and it is well worth reading to understand completely one of the leader voices in the fight for racial equality.It is extremely interesting to see how Malcolm s views change over time based on various experiences in his life but, as with anyone with a semi consistent platform or cause, the themes tend to get worn and repeated By the end Malcolm s words seem much less fresh I would strongly suggest [...]


    I have heard others talk about Malcolm like he was the plague I ve heard these speaks before and they are brought to you in a nice easy to read package I m also from the north that enbodies protection of our rights by all means MLK and Malcolm fought on the same side with a mighty one two punch You read this you begin to understand American Wasechu were awful in his day My family has stories of rape, boarding schools, and murder w o justice In those times it was hard to stand tall and brave the [...]

    Guillaume Marceau

    My favorite bit so far which actually appears quite early in the book is a quote from the opening sentence of one of Malcom X s speach Mr Moderator, Brother Lomax, brothers and sisters, friends and enemies I just can t believe everyone in here is a friend and I don t want to leave anybody out In his speeches, Malcom X strikes a blend of outright revolt and openness to the other party, in hope of a peaceful resolution Not an easy combo.Also a good read Most of you have no idea what Martin Luther [...]


    I m still reading this one It will be a while cause, I feel the need to re read some of the pages to gain clearer understanding Also, the copy I got is in spanish and I m not the fastest reader in spanish So much of what he said then is also true of what can be said now The oppressors have changed their faces and are trying new tacitics, but their desired results are the same Malcolm s voice is one we need to find in ourselves Everyone needs to read this book, doesn t matter what your race or re [...]


    I received this book in a Giveaway and I m very glad that I did You hear so much about Malcolm X But, reading his words paints a very different picture One could say a full picture You can argue with his tactics but it s hard to argue his reasoning And, in this remarkable collection of the speeches and interviews he gave over the last year of his life, you get to see a man whose opinion is changing and ever evolving It s worth reading whether you think you like this man or detest him Because yo [...]

    Abby Beatty

    2ND QUARTER This is one of the most inspiring, moving and incredible book I ve ever read He is such a passionate and brilliant speaker Throughout the time that these various speeches are made many defining events occurred in his life, like leaving the Nation of Islam and his pilgrimage to Mecca Crucial events were also occurring around him during this time period, like the presidential election on 1964 and the March on Washington only slightly before His strength and determination have been misc [...]


    although i did not finish this book, the selections i read seemed right on when Malcolm talked about racism in America Since the speaches all took place in the last year of his life there was much repatition The most inspiring thing about Malcolm X for me is his change after visiting Meccae non violent question is a hard one how many of us are really brave enough to turn the other cheek

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