Jun 19, 2021
Scorched Shadows
Posted by Steve McHugh

In the final chapter of the Hellequin Chronicles, secrets will be revealed, friendships will be tested, and destinies will be fulfilled.Avalon is under siege A shadowy cabal, headed by a mysterious figure known only as My Liege , has launched a series of deadly attacks across the globe, catching innocent human bystanders in the crossfire.Emerging from the debris of battlIn the final chapter of the Hellequin Chronicles, secrets will be revealed, friendships will be tested, and destinies will be fulfilled.Avalon is under siege A shadowy cabal, headed by a mysterious figure known only as My Liege , has launched a series of deadly attacks across the globe, catching innocent human bystanders in the crossfire.Emerging from the debris of battle, Nate Garrett, the sixteen hundred year old sorcerer also called Hellequin, and his friends must stop My Liege once and for all But powerful forces stand in their way To save Avalon, they will need to enlist the help of Mordred, once Nate s greatest nemesis, now his most formidable ally But Mordred is grappling with a dark prophecy that could spell Nate s doom The fate of the world hangs in the balance Even if Nate can halt the war, will there be anything left worth saving

  • Title: Scorched Shadows
  • Author: Steve McHugh
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 206
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    Scorched Shadows In the final chapter of the Hellequin Chronicles secrets will be revealed friendships will be tested and destinies will be fulfilled Avalon is under siege A shadowy cabal headed by a mysterious fi

    Marielle Ooms-Voges

    How I love this series and this book is the best one in it All the previous books come together, old friends and foes show up again and all stories are tied up Almost every question I had was answered although this book does leave enough open for another few books on Nate Personally I can t wait Scorched shadows has it all great story, great characters, great plotline and plot twists, this is easily one of my favorite series The listened to the audiobook on Audible and the narration is excellent [...]

    Gareth Otton

    I was pretty nervous going into this book knowing that it was the last book in the Hellequin Chronicles I have loved all the previous books in this series, but I didn t think that there had been anywhere near enough story told yet to already be ending It still feels like things are just winding up As you can tell from the number of stars in this review though, I was obviously not left wanting Here s whyFirst of all, I am really happy that this novel sees a change up to the formula in 2 ways 1 Th [...]

    Magdalena aka A Bookaholic Swede

    To start with this book, seven in the Hellequin Chronicles, without having read the previous six books may have been a bit daring even foolish especially since this is also the last book the series It s like seeing the last 20 min of a movie It s interesting, but you feel like you have missed a lot of things that are mentioned However, I must say, despite that did I find the book surprisingly easy to get into and even surprisingly easy to keep a check on all the characters And, trust me they ar [...]

    Liz Barnsley

    Aaargh the last of the Hellequin Chronicles a series I ve been with since forever Well the start anyway I m randomly pleased it is not the last we ll see of Nate but I did have a little emotional moment knowing that Book 7 was the last of this particularly themed story.So things I already know about this series from the previous ones, the plotting is a brilliantly addictive mix of fiction, mythology and real world setting If you come into Book 7 on its own you ll still have a blinking good readi [...]


    Really annoying cliffhanger and false advertisement Unsatisfying conclusion to a promising series.


    Excellent and infuriating in equal measure 5 stars for the writing, general quality, and certain plot developments 1 star for other story elements, and view spoiler the % bait and switch advertising Oh, btw, it s the last HELLEQUIN book, but not the last NATE GARRETT book F U I feel like I just read a seven book PROLOGUE hide spoiler Averages out to 3.


    I made two stupid mistakes when it came to this series not discovering it sooner and starting off with the final instalment Now don t get me wrong, the author makes it perfectly possible to catch up on what has happened and I easily became obsessed with the characters and the story, but it is so good that I really wish I had started with the first book a wrong I plan to rectify by treating myself to the other books for Christmas With mythical characters, new and old, action, magic, danger, and t [...]


    I love the Hellequin series I mean I LOVE this series I love it almost as much as I love my husband It has been sooo goooood When this book showed up in my kindle app I was pleased as punch I blocked off reading time for three days so I could read uninterrupted well as uninterrupted as you can be with two kids under 5 yeas but you get the point I was PREPARED I got around 80% in and I kept thinking why haven t the good guys banded together yet to kick the bad guys asses why is it moving slow I h [...]


    It s the last book of the Hellequin Chronicles though not the last of Nate s adventure It is a little different than the previous books, as the story is told from two different perspectives Nate as the main character using 1st person POV and Mordred using 3rd person POV Nate is busy with his team to uncover who is My Liege, while Mordred s main mission is to help finding Elaine who is missing The rest will be me sprouting out plots, so all of them will be under spoiler tag view spoiler MAN, so M [...]

    Richard Webster

    Great end to the Hellequin series Cant wait for the new adventures of nate and friendsA well rounded out story that promises a lot in the universe that the author has created The story is full of highs and lows, secrets revealed, power and death everywhere

    Cheryl Necessary

    I feel like the author lied to us This book claimed to be the final book in the Hellequin Chronicles That being said, I expected to wrap up the story that we had been faithfully following through 6 previous books I even tried not very successfully to overlook the fact that the author apparently couldn t be bothered to consistency check and insure that a basic fact such as the name of Nate s murdered wife was correct Unfortunately I found that very grating every time her name was mentioned The bo [...]


    Don t worry, I was told, the series is done, you won t get stuck waiting for new ones Well, you will actually The main meta plot is not really solved The character plot, about Nate finding out who he really is, well, that gets solved.ly, but still by the time I realized that the plot wasn t going to finish up, I cared a lot less about that aspect of it I don t mean to pile on, but as some other reviewers pointed out, the copy editing was very shoddy on this book, and some the botched character n [...]


    author said this ends the hellequin series, so i was hoping for a resolution but unfortunately the novel ends with a cliffhanger I also dislike the whodunnit stories where the author keeps pointing the finger at different people I got a little annoyed how every book seemed to revolve around betrayal It switches between nate and mordred, and they both seem overpowered in this novel In the earlier novels, nate would struggle against the gargoyle and dragon kin, but in this book he just rips everyo [...]

    Damian Brennan

    End of the series, but not Not cool.Authors and readers engage in a relationship of sorts Trust is required in all relationships The ending of this book violates trust in an annoying and stunningly juvenile way.


    So Frustrating We finally got some answers but are left with a MASSIVE cliffhanger Not cool Rarely have I felt like this about a book Seven books just to get to this point Seems like an utter waste of my time.

    Tamer Sadek

    A little disappointing It s almost like the author said Hmm the mythology seems popular Let s do MUCH The Mordred sections were highly entertaining though.

    Karen Cole

    I usually love reading fantasy novels but for some reason I ve not read many this year So could the final instalment of the Hellequin Chronicles a series I m unfamiliar with really be the book to reignite my passion for the genre The answer to this is a resounding yes Admittedly knowing a bit of Nate s back story may have been advantageous but nevertheless I enjoyed every moment of this gripping story.Steve McHugh s superb world building is perhaps not the easiest premise to describe in a revie [...]

    Adam Wainwright

    Well what can I say Very action packed as usual and a depth of characters, especially of course Mordred and Nate which makes this a very satisfying read Not too long, not too short and I like the list of characters there are quite a few.I do have some issues I d like to slap Mr McHugh around the chops with there are many Americanisms in this book liter , tylenol and the ending, while satisfying in its own way has some issues, view spoiler Like the fact that everything is up in the air at the end [...]

    Marc Morris

    Well what a finish to the series I have been a massive fan of this series since crimes against magic and what a journey it s been So Arthur is awake and takes up his role as king of Avalon , Nate is looking for quite life but Nate being Nate it s not so easy No flashbacks in this book but it has mord as a POV which works well I have loved how he went from evil arch enemy to friends with Nate and to be honest I felt he stole this book even out shined Remey and that s hard Lots of twists and turns [...]

    Kitvaria Sarene

    WowThis is a stunning conclusion to the Hellequin series And boy am I glad the author said while it s the last Hellequin book, it s not the last Nate book Action is high in this one, heads are rolling, favourite side characters get some spotlight again, mysteries are solved and new mysteries found, characters grow and change, twist that made me do a double take and reread some chaptersMcHugh has quickly managed to become one of my favourite urban fantasy authors


    Well this was an action packed ride with many twists and turns, some expected some a surprise view spoiler prior to reading this I had a theory that Arthur was evil, and it s true in a way I didn t expect Gawain came as a surprise though I hope this ending of hellequins story doesn t mean the end of Nate as a perspective because that would be upsetting hide spoiler

    Robert Brownsmith

    Split narrative took focus away from Nate, the things he could have done with his new magic didn t feel fully explored Like the series though so a solid good 3 stars.

    Dan Allnatt

    Was a good read, left on one hell of a cliff hanger and the next few books won t be about Nate Some good plot twists and poor Nate is really put through the ringer in this one.


    fabulous read sad that its the of end this series will miss Nate and his kickass charecter and all the gang


    ugh I peaked at spoilers and found out who the big baddie was I was really hoping it wasn t him, because it was made pretty f in clear in the first ten pages or so that he was the dude look, this book was weird and oddly written, like some blogs taped together I didn t expect Sherlock holmes BUT I m not the smartest knife in the crayon box, or whatever someone like me shouldn t have figured it out by page eleven and it wasn t good enough to be like yeah I know who it is and it s awesome anyway n [...]


    Good wrap up to the Hellequin arc loved view spoiler as the second narrator Very much looking forward to where this goes next Big changes Can t wait hide spoiler


    This book tricked me, and it greatly soured my enjoyment of it this has been touted as the end of the Hellequin Chronicle for the past 2 years books, and that s not what was delivered hereWhile, TECHNICALLY, this is the end of the Hellequin Chronicles, it s not the end of the Nate Garrett story, which I assume will continue during after these Avalon Chronicles starting next yearI liked everything I was reading until about the 80% mark when I started to suspect things weren t building to the clim [...]


    Having won this title in a giveaway, I feel obligated to submit a review I m 10% along in the story and won t be finishing it In all fairness to Mr McHugh and his fans, I am new to the genre of fantasy or is it sci fi Dystopia Knights of the Round Table retold Time travel Witches and warlocks Dragons Maybe my issue comes from the tale having too many genres Yet, I m not a novice in any of these types of fiction I ve read and enjoyed novels in all of these genres with the exception of dystopian o [...]


    Bit of a cop outPoor ending to a good series, billed as the last book, but it s, not.disappointed Can t say I m look to a forward to a procrastinated ending.

    Jaime Jeffrey

    BRAVO I read these last 2 books back 2 back Steve McHugh, my husband and children hate you LMAO I m as useless as the g in Lasagna when I hit a book series worthy of my time And like I ve said b4 Hellequin is Squee worthy Actually, my oldest son is going to start reading the 1st novel He s a reader like me and I told him he d love Hellequin Nate Garrett He also gets to hear parts of it in the car on the way to school and back SPOILERS SPOILERS IF U HAVEN T READ THE LAST 2 BOOKS STOP HERE I belie [...]

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