Oct 30, 2020
The First Chronicles of Druss the Legend
Posted by David Gemmell

He was known as Druss The Deathwalker Though the blood of merciless butchers coursed through his veins, he had found a fragile peace through his love for beautiful, mystical Rowena Then came the day when Druss returned to their village and found everyone dead massacred by slavers who had stolen the women to sell for gold Rowena was among the missing.Armed with only hiHe was known as Druss The Deathwalker Though the blood of merciless butchers coursed through his veins, he had found a fragile peace through his love for beautiful, mystical Rowena Then came the day when Druss returned to their village and found everyone dead massacred by slavers who had stolen the women to sell for gold Rowena was among the missing.Armed with only his powerful double bladed ax, Snaga, Druss went after Rowena His journey would carry him from the highest thrones of power to the deepest dungeons of depravity Along the way, he would battle savage monsters and descend into terrifying lands of black magic and demons Yet one thing was certain Druss would have victory or death.

  • Title: The First Chronicles of Druss the Legend
  • Author: David Gemmell
  • ISBN: 9780345407993
  • Page: 469
  • Format: Paperback
  • The First Chronicles of Druss the Legend He was known as Druss The Deathwalker Though the blood of merciless butchers coursed through his veins he had found a fragile peace through his love for beautiful mystical Rowena Then came the day w

    Daniel Ionson

    As always, Gemmell s style is quick, realistic, and brutal.


    Nei tuoi sogni La sesta prova di Gemmel nella saga dei Drenai, pur mantenendosi su discreti livelli di intrattenimento, si avvita un po su se stessa per il riciclo di tematiche e dinamiche.Esclusi alcuni passaggi involontariamente trash quasi tutti comprendenti degli antagonisti abbastanza babbiocchi e sopra le righe , rimane di fondo un evidente problema riguardante il taglio introspettivo dei personaggi, spesso banalizzati e fortemente debitori delle figure presenti nei precedenti volumi.L amp [...]


    8.5 10From all the heroes Gemmell wrote in his career and he wrote many I don t think I ever loved anyone than Druss.I remember when I first read Legend my 4th DG book , it really changed my perspective for Gemmell s talent and what it truly meant for one to be a hero Because Druss is not merely just a great hero he is the ultimate hero, the one who steps in front to protect the others even if it is against him, the one who defies his enemies and all kind of evil And this book, is the making of [...]


    Borrowed this book from my boyfriend, expecting a typical male book not wanting to stereotype but I expected epic battles, blood, gore and men of honour All of which I got But I didn t expect to become so attached to Druss and Rowena This book tugged at my heart strings and I spent the whole time I read this on the edge of my seat, hoping he would find her and all would be well This book lived up to my expectations and surpassed them greatly The characters are enjoyable and easy to become attach [...]

    Reggie Kray

    A truly remarkable piece of love, courage and redemption Gemmell was a rare breed One who wrote from his heart Not his wallet As I see too many writers are guilty of these days All hail The Saviour of Skeln Pass

    Mike (the Paladin)

    I m always tempted to give Gemmell a five star rating I try to reserve the 5 but DG is among the best action adventure writers I ve run across When he passed we lost a great talent.


    An awesome story that was extremely well written What made it awesome Well You create an outcast youth, outcast because of a butchering grandfather who killed without mercy and with a deadly axe named Snaga And outcast because of his size and strength, where many viewed him as a bone breaking thug, though Druss was never mean spirited, or a thug He was quite introverted and prefered his own company to that of others who always saw just a thug Then, he met Rowena, who saw the gentleness and good [...]

    Randall Krekelberg

    3.5 StarsGemmell is certainly an author I will be looking into This book, although rather straightforward in plot, utilizes the elements I love most in this genre I really wasn t a big fan of Druss for the first half of this book but he slowly started growing on me perhaps not fully yet though This book knows, as its author intended, exactly what it is and never tries to be or achieve anything else other than a perhaps now clich d tale of heroism I would highly recommend it, especially if Heroi [...]


    Always a pleasure to read David Gemmell s stories.This is the first book that paves the road to his one of the iconic books Legend , which I think is the first or one of first books he ever wrote.It covers a span of about 25 years and tells the story of how a young woodsman named Druss becomes known as Druss the legend , among other names.To the point, precise and sometimes brutal style of David Gemmell takes you on a journey of an antisocial and awkward Druss in a quest across oceans and empire [...]


    Despite my really anticipating this book, it fell slightly short and I wonder if it s because some of the parts in it seemed undeveloped or rushed It might have tried to fit in too much, and made each individual triumph or quest not as magnificent as it could have been At least that was my impression, but I still certainly enjoyed it

    Lyn* Nomad *Worlds await*

    I m getting a bit tired of war and its hopelessness History has shown that we humans are our worst enemies.


    THE FIRST CHRONICLES OF DRUSS THE LEGEND saw author David Gemmell bringing back his his best loved character due to popular demand It s conceived as a prequel to his first book, LEGEND, exploring the life of Druss and the events that made him a globally known hero.This is a light, straightforward novel that follows an action focused narrative The battle scenes in the book are almost non stop, indeed this has the most action of any Gemmell novel I ve read Some of the tension is taken away in the [...]

    Joshua Simon

    So, I ve read the first 6 novels thus far in the Drenai Saga and surprisngly, I think this is my favorite thus far The larger than life characters and amazing action battle scenes continue to be Gemmell s strengths However, I found his dialogue has improved tremendously by this point, becoming far consistent Also, the description was top notch.Best of all, where before I felt that the ending of Gemmell s books fell short of the tale leading up to it, I thought the ending here was perfect, stayi [...]


    It was an epic saga in the vien of the Greek Tragedy stories It was a great heroic story thats not surprsing but it was so large in scope of Druss life,growth,struggles and in took only 300 odd pages Thats a rare talent for this type of fantasy The many great supporting characters was nice touch too.One of the best Gemmell book easily Only Legend and Wolf in Shadow can compete with it.

    Eugenia O'Neal

    In this saga, women are mostly helpless and passed from man to man, depending on other men to rescue them or marry them while the black characters are depicted as mainly cannon ok, arrow and axe fodder In fact, to anyone who s read the kinds of imperialistic boy s adventure stories churned out by British writers during the late 1800s, the scene with the Panthians would have seemed quite familiar.


    I guess I had too high expectations on this one.It was good but not awesome I really didn t like the time hops Beside that, I enjoyed it.


    Early days of Druss I kept trying to spot names that crop up later, or earlier depending how you look at it


    What do you get when you take a headstrong, angry, violent boy, add a dash of star crossed lovers, a woman who calms him, a demon possessed ax, some savages, a war in a foreign land, a womanizing poet, a man who loves the woman who calms the angry, violent boy, and a mystic who says that the man will live at least 46 years The First Chronicles of Druss the Legend Drenai Saga, 6.This novel is about Druss Remember Druss He s the dude with the ax that dies a good death in the rawly powerful LEGEND [...]


    A Gemmell book is like a rare steak delicious, easy to get through and leaves you totally satisfied Druss, however, seemed like a B grade cut of meat It has all the hallmarks of a good Gemmell story but it seemed to meander a bit and throw in so many episodes that the story started a get a little cluttered I found myself asking what hasn t Druss seen and done Fought raiders Check Pirates Check Giant fire bears Check Boxed in a ring Check Killed the ghost of his own grandfather Check and check Ho [...]


    In questo libro vengono fuori tutti i difetti della scrittura di Gemmell Il libro racconta la giovinezza di Druss e la sua lunga ricerca dell amatissima moglie che gli stata rapita Peccato che i protagonisti siano tratteggiati appena, molto superficialmente Il rapporto d a tra i protagonisti viene affermato velocemente come postulato, ma mai approfondito o illustrato che so, con una scena qualunque Nei romanzi di Gemmell gli unici protagonisti assoluti sono i combattimenti, il sangue, il machism [...]

    Matt Jones

    This is my favourite book ever Druss the Legend is one of the most likeable and endearing characters in a book If I had to take just one book to a desert island or had to recommend a book to a friend it would be this one The characters are phenomenal, the story is simple but gripping from the first page to the last, the character development is spot onI could go on all day I dare anyone to read it and tell me they didn t like it

    Derek Vice

    A great piece of heroic fantasy 9 10 The characters are iconic and set the standard for much other fantasy 8 10 The plot is good with a classic heroic climax, however has a strange lull before the final section 7 10 The last section seems like an extra short story that had no other place and although fun in and of itself, feels like an appendix The style is typically Gemmell and flows easily 7 10 Overall 8 10.


    Druss est b cheron Mais un jour son village est attaqu et sa femme enlev e Il ne va alors vivre que pour la retrouver et empilera les cadavres sur son chemin pour atteindre son but Tr s bon livre si ce n est que c est un sch ma un peu classique Mais lire tout de m me pour suivre les exploits de la L gende

    Ahmad Sharabiani

    The First Chronicles of Druss the Legend The Drenai Saga 6 , David Gemmell

    P.H. Solomon

    I ve always Gemmell s work and this book was no different it is high adventure with lots of twists for Druss who is single minded in rescuing Rowena Enjoyed the read.


    2 stelle alla scrittura e ai dialoghi 3 alla trama potenzialmente carina, ai personaggi sempre potenzialmente interessanti e all intrattenimento fine a s stesso.


    This is such a fun book Well worth reading I m reading the the publishing order and it is great to see Gemmell s writing improving over time.


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    Geoff Battle

    Druss has been the central protagonist in two novels and a short story His heroic character and abilities are the result of an epic quest to reunite himself with his stolen wife in his youth The First Chronicles transforms this background explained in those first books in to a full novel For those readers who have read the initial books will already know the basics, but Gemmell adds new plotlines to engage the reader in to a book which seemingly would offer no surprises As the story develops the [...]

    Matteo Mazzoli

    La storia di Druss probabilmente uno dei punti cardine dell epica di Gemmell, che ci ha regalato un protagonista che eroe suo malgrado, nell umanit del suo bisogno di ritrovare Rowena, tanto da inseguirla per 7 anni per miglia e miglia, cadavere dopo cadavere, lentamente e apparentemente trasformandosi nel demone temuto dai suoi compagni, redento per nel momento in cui sembra averla persa per sempre Epico, dolente ma mai domo nello spirito, nonostante le sofferenze patite, Druss un eroe impossib [...]

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