Oct 30, 2020
The Hellbound Heart
Posted by Clive Barker

Clive Barker is widely acknowledged as the master of nerve shattering horror The Hellbound Heart is one of his best, one of the most dead frightening stories you are likely to ever read, a story of the human heart and all the great terrors and ecstasies within.At last he had solved the puzzle of Lemarchand s box He was standing on the threshold of a world of heightened sClive Barker is widely acknowledged as the master of nerve shattering horror The Hellbound Heart is one of his best, one of the most dead frightening stories you are likely to ever read, a story of the human heart and all the great terrors and ecstasies within.At last he had solved the puzzle of Lemarchand s box He was standing on the threshold of a world of heightened sensations In moments the Cenobites who had dedicated an eternity to the pursuit of sensuality would be here They would reveal dark secrets that would transform him forever.

  • Title: The Hellbound Heart
  • Author: Clive Barker
  • ISBN: 9780061002823
  • Page: 261
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Hellbound Heart Clive Barker is widely acknowledged as the master of nerve shattering horror The Hellbound Heart is one of his best one of the most dead frightening stories you are likely to ever read a story of th

    mark monday

    Please allow me to introduce myself.Actually, let s save the introductions for when I meet up with you later this evening, in the wee hours of the night.First things first, as an inhabitant of the Dimension of Everlasting Pain I am not exactly a disinterested party when it comes to reviewing this novella But I do feel I am able to provide a relatively unbiased review of this famous work, despite my intimate knowledge of all of the delightful and inspiring torture tableaux on display.The Hellboun [...]


    Rare RARE instance in which movie actually surpasses the novel Then again, Barker directed his own creation on celluloid, so there s that Hellraiser is not even included in the sacred list of horror films I adore the genre which may be the hardest to love, easiest to make fun of, and which for that reason is my favorite , but no one can t say that it isn t mega creepy creative The merger of pleasure and pain Ahhh This novella which can be digested in one sitting packs quite a punch This is an im [...]


    No tears, please It s a waste of good suffering My boyfriend made the mistake of allowing me to pick out the movie on one of our earliest dates way back in the late 80 s I chose Hellraiser which was based upon this novella I didn t know he had never seen a horror movie and couldn t figure out why he was so pale and quiet when we left the theater The poor boy married me and his movie going experiences have never been the same and I ll always have fond feelings for Hellraiser Recently I realized I [...]

    Johann (jobis89)

    No tears, please It s a waste of good suffering In a quest to satiate his darkest pleasures, Frank Cotton obtains and opens Lemarchand s box, summoning the cenobites who instead of granting him pleasure and entry into this promised new world, torture him and trap him within the box However, his brother s wife, Julia, who had a previous dalliance with Frank, has found a way to bring him back and it involves blood.Well, I had to use that quote, didn t I Even though there was literally a plethora o [...]

    Dan Schwent

    Frank Cotton activated the Lemarchand Configuration and was whisked away by the Cenobites to experience pleasure no mortal has ever felt Now, Frank s brother Rory and his wife Julie live in the house where his experiment occurred Frank s looking to return to the fields we know and the price is bloodAs part of my continuing horror education, I had to give Clive Barker a shot, thus The Hellbound Heart.This novella is pretty memorable but I wouldn t say I was scared by it More creeped out than anyt [...]


    In moments they would be here the ones Kircher had called the Cenobites, theologians of the Order of the Gash Summoned from their experiments in the higher reaches of pleasure, to bring their ageless heads into a world of rain and failure All hail Clive Barker, the king of arty but mostly not farty horror The Hellbound Heart is the novella which Barker adapted into the successful 1987 movieHellraiser, which he also directed The Hellbound Heart is the story of Frank Cotton, a very depraved man wh [...]

    Michael Fierce

    Although I enjoyed the book, The Hellbound Heart, the movie version, Hellraiser with the awesomely cheesy blue and yellow 80 s FX is a bit better and mainly because it was fully realized.And, as a fun note, John Kozak, the singer of my band, Of The Arcane, had his head sculpted by our friend, Mitch Gonzales, into the likeness of Pinhead, and was presented to Clive at the very first signing we attended of his at The Dark Carnival bookstore, in Berkeley, CA Clive liked it so much, Mitch gave it t [...]


    3.5 stars.Hellraiser it will tear your soul apart.This wasn t a bad little novella except some of the sentences seemed to be thrown together like Frankenstein s monster I m not sure if its the authors writing style but every so often there would be a sentence that staunched the flow and some words he used were unnecessary The dictionary didn t know the meaning.Frank Cotton gains possession of Lemarchands puzzle box a box of wonders aka Lemarchands Configuration after doing a few favours for a ge [...]


    I m assuming everyone in the world has seen the last Harry Potter movie This isn t a spoiler but there is this part in the movie where Voldemort is in some place that looks like a train station and he looks like a cross between some sort of fetus and a seahorse When I saw it with my friends, we were all wondering what the frak we were looking at in fact, it is pretty safe to say that I am still wondering a few months later So I know Clive Barker wrote this novella decades before HP7p1 would come [...]


    Clive Barker is the man.Let me just tell you This is only the second book of his I have ever read but I already know he and I are going to be best friends for life He may even work his way into my heart the way that Stephen King and JK Rowling have Who knows Look out, Clive Barker I might just be hiding in the bushes DThe first book of his that I ever read wasThe Thief of Always and I could not believe I had waited as long as I had to read his work If you haven t read that one, you really should [...]


    Have you met your monthly quota of books that include people being torn apart by fish hooks on chains then dragged off into endless torment No Then I suggest you read some Clive Barker.It s been a while since I visited the fevered worlds of Barker s imagination and I d forgotten how readable he can be Barker was very big in the 80s and 90s, and this book was the beginning of a multitude of his magical horror stories where sex, death and the occult are closely intertwined Some of Barker s books a [...]

    Paul Nelson

    The Hellbound Heart starts with Lemarchand s box and Frank s desire to solve the intricate puzzle and in turn find the promised new world, a province infinitely far from the room in which he sat, toying as the music rings He had meticulously prepared, every part of the invocation ritual observed and now he was to finally set eyes on the Cenobites, theologians of the Order of the Gash Summoned from their experiments in the higher reaches of pleasure and that is what he asks for, pleasure Not as h [...]

    Graeme Rodaughan

    One of the better books of Clive Barker s that I ve read I like the sparse structure with a clean straight through narrative.Extraordinary idea and well executed Will suit horror fans While there is some gore, it s never gratuitous or over done.

    Edward Lorn

    I ve now officially read three Clive Barker books to completion The Great and Secret Show was my first, and though I enjoyed it, I can t remember what happened therein, nor can I recall exactly what I enjoyed about it I do, however, recall laying it down and saying, I need to find from this author I then went on to read The Thief of Always because I thought the blurb was coolio I enjoyed it immensely The rest of my experiences with Barker were not so good I tried and failed to read four differe [...]

    Erin ☕ *Proud Book Hoarder*

    Not many minds can come up with the twisted worlds Clive Barker does The plot for the Hellbound Heart is a creative, freaky version of Hell The underlying theme is the fine lines between pleasure and pain, the greed and desperation of mankind to always seek what is beyond its reach and out of this world But, besides all that, it is in a way a demented, twisted, dark, fairy tale like love story It focuses on a woman who believes she is in love with her husband s brother, and would do anything to [...]

    Randolph Carter

    Many people don t realize that this book is actually a parody a commentary on the ever increasing thrills we post moderns crave from our lives and even horror fiction, films, etc Look up Barker s own comments if you don t believe me In fact, Barker has never written a story gut wrenching and extreme than Heart some equal it, but none actually exceed it The fact that it spawned an entire industry of graphic novels and films all predicated on the the goal of being ever extreme is an ironic comme [...]


    So this is the novella that spawned Hellraiser, and perhaps the thing responsible for patent leather fashionEverything about this novella is grotesque and gory, but not that scary Unless one finds bloody red meat and facial piercings scary.


    I finally got to read the masterpiece that started it all and well I was horrified all right to actually admit that I liked the Hellraiser movies better than this book I have always loved the movies but I value books pillars above any celluloid so for me to enjoy the movie is abnormal The writing style is quite Gothic and lyrical, and I was glad to have seen the movies in order to make sure I wasn t off the wall when it came to understanding the story which was dark, creepy and haunting but not [...]


    Never watched Hellraiser Don t judge Never read a Clive Barker book Ok, fucking judge me already Barker lays down some flowery lexicon wrapped in a tortilla of blood and gore It s pretty nifty However, it seems like he is trying too hard Words are repeated bukkake style And these aren t cool words like foreskin and lollipop The word that comes to mind is din , yes probably in the top 5 most boring words in the English language is repeated 100 times in 100 pages, no joke well, a little exaggerati [...]

    Thomas Strömquist

    And suddenly it becomes totally logical that Barker was considered not least by S King himself the future of horror in the mid to late 80 s and that the movie based on this was a success In other words, I simply loved this story, the characters are brilliant hardly any of them likeable though The prose passive, matter of fact and a bit dreamlike which I was not 100 % comfortable with starting out I got to think fit the storyline perfectly The fantasy world or rather fantasy beings sometimes inha [...]


    I don t do well with audiobooks Because I am an ADD ridden manchild, I find the link between the writer s imagination and mine to be much palpable and accessible when I m looking at the words and holding the book in my hands I also don t like that I have to basically take in the story at the reader s pace, when my brain likes to cram as many words into it as possible with regular books It sucks, because I really love the idea of audiobooks It really mixes written word with the oral tradition in [...]


    I was excited to read this novella when I found out the movie Hellraiser was based on it I love horror and to be honest when it comes to books I hardly pick up that genre So sometimes I go browsing for one and this time it brought me to Clive Barker I definitely would want to try out of his horror books I liked his imagination This novella was entertaining and a fast read, worked its nostalgic magic It wasnt amazing but still very good and inviting to read from this author The Cenobites are aw [...]

    Michelle Book Hangovers

    Take two people, Frank and Julia Now imagine a box that you think if opened you ll find a sexual experience that will blow your mind, kindof like a Genie s lamp and your wishing for pure pleasure Instead you open the box and get an eternity of torture That s what Frank didNow imagine being so in love it become obsessive That you ll do anything to bring a loved one back to you, even if that someone is disfigured, mangled and mutilated beyond belief causing a group of extra dimensional beings to a [...]

    Bob Milne

    As I prepare to settle down and immerse myself in the long awaited literary spectacle that is The Scarlet Gospels, I am going back and revisiting the original appearances of Pinhead and Harry D Amour As brilliant as Doug Bradley and Scott Bakula were in their respective screen roles, I want to recapture the essence of Clive Barker s vision, the magic of his words, and the subtle nuances that remained on the page.Although The Books of Blood is technically where it all began, with Harry D Amour an [...]


    Review to follow


    3.5 stars I ve seen Hellraiser of course, and my brother even dressed up as an awesome Pinhead for Halloween 2 years in a row in the late 80s Mom painstakingly applied about a hundred gray toothpicks all over his head Some weren t even sharp enough to go in properly, so it took a while, and he just would NOT stop crying Kidding, kidding I do wish that we had pictures of that costume though, it was great My mom is an artistic genius, and my dedicated brother even allowed his head to be shaved alm [...]


    Having seen the Hellraiser movies, and owning the fourth in the series, I was surprised to learn the idea came from a book, The Hellbound Heart I was immediately intrigued, mainly because I actually like the movies and think they are definitely creative And of course, who could forget Pinhead The Hellbound Heart is a pretty quick read I believe my Kindle edition is about 176 pages It follows the story of the first movie, in case you ve seen the movies, and you were wondering Clive Barker s writi [...]


    3.0 stars This novella was the basis of the Hellraiser movies featuring everyone s favorite Cenobite, Pinhead This was a decent read, but I actually enjoyed the movie as I thought it did a better job of creating an atmosphere of dread than the story Nominee World Fantasy Award for Best Novella.

    Medhat The Book Fanatic

    A macabre book that is shocking, and interesting and enjoyable to a certain extent For the most part I thought this was OK, but I think I would have enjoyed it if it were longer and developed.

    Andrea ❤Ninja Bunneh❤

    You have come into possession of a puzzle box.If you can solve this puzzle, all of your wildest dreams may be finally reached You slave over the innocuous cube, and eventually the fruits of your labor are revealed Suddenly, the room brightens, you sense someone or something is coming You realize that your fantasies may all be about to come true They are here.It begins to dawn on you that their definition of your fantasies may not be the same as your definition Welcome to your own personal hell.I [...]

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