Oct 30, 2020
A Kiss in Time
Posted by Alex Flinn

Talia fell under a spellJack broke the curse.I was told to beware the accursed spindle, but it was so enchanting, so hypnoticI was looking for a little adventure the day I ditched my tour group But finding a comatose town, with a hot looking chick asleep in it, was so not what I had in mind.I awakened in the same place but in another time to a stranger s soft kissalia fell under a spellJack broke the curse.I was told to beware the accursed spindle, but it was so enchanting, so hypnoticI was looking for a little adventure the day I ditched my tour group But finding a comatose town, with a hot looking chick asleep in it, was so not what I had in mind.I awakened in the same place but in another time to a stranger s soft kiss.I couldn t help kissing her Sometimes you just have to kiss someone I didn t know this would happen Now I am in dire trouble because my father, the king, says I have brought ruin upon our country I have no choice but to run away with this commoner Now I m stuck with a bratty princess and a trunk full of her jewelsThe good news My parents will freak Think you have dating issues Try locking lips with a snoozing stunner who turns out to be 316 years old Can a kiss transcend all even time

  • Title: A Kiss in Time
  • Author: Alex Flinn
  • ISBN: 9780060874193
  • Page: 200
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A Kiss in Time Talia fell under a spellJack broke the curse I was told to beware the accursed spindle but it was so enchanting so hypnoticI was looking for a little adventure the day I ditched my tour group But fi

    Nasty Lady MJ

    To see full review click here.Sleeping Beauty.No, I m not talking about the Disney movie Though I have to say that movie is kick ass if for anything the artwork Yeah, Aurora is a bit of a Mary Sue okay, a lot , but the villain and the faeries make up for it Not to mention, Prince Phillip is the first Disney prince that is sort of not a man cessory But we re not talking about the Disney movie.Unfortunately.Instead, we re talking about Alex Flinn s Sleeping Beauty retelling, A Kiss in Time.I have [...]

    Sandeep ☾

    1 5 Stars If you want to waste your time and money I would definitely recommend this book.This book was just boring and the characters were extremely unlikable The only thing I liked about the book was that it was a retelling of Sleeping Beauty with a twist It s a shame that the author did a poor job at it.I have been wanting to read Beastly for such a long time and now finding out that it s from the same author of this awful book has completely changed my thoughts on even bothering with it.

    Jennifer Wardrip

    Reviewed by Sally Kruger aka Readingjunky for TeensReadTooWhen Jack escaped for the summer on a trip around Europe, he never dreamed he would be pulled into a real life fairy tale His main goal in agreeing to the numbingly dull tour of European museums was to avoid an even boring summer working in his father s company Both his father and mother think he is a lazy slacker without any real interests What they don t know is that Jack has an interest, but he knows that as the son of a successful bu [...]


    I read this book because I liked Beastly so much I finished that book in exactly one day However, it took me quite some time to finish A Kiss in Time Well, two days, maybe But that was because I wasn t reading it every second of the day Well, yeah.I really enjoyed this book mainly because it was based on Sleeping Beauty Sleeping Beauty is my favorite Disney Princess So yeah I was sooo excited to read this.And it turns out it was the right type of excitement The reason I posted THAT cover the one [...]

    Jay G

    Want to see bookish things from me Check out my Youtube channel youtube channel UCferPrincess Talia of Euphrasia has been told her entire 15 years of life to never go near a spindle as the evil witch Malvolia has cursed her and her kingdom If she were to touch a spindle before the day of her 16th birthday, she and her subjects will fall into a deep sleep until she is kissed by her one true love 300 years after she touches a spindle, 17 year old Jack is sent on a European Tour In search of a bea [...]


    I m pretty new to the whole fairy tale retelling, and actually Beastly by this same author is the first and only other one I ve read, which I enjoyed quite a bit So I was curious how Alex Flinn would re create Sleeping Beauty s story in A Kiss in Time Overall, I have to say it was somewhat entertaining and at times slightly far fetched So if you go into this story with the intention of being entertained, you ll enjoy this book However, if you re looking for a re telling, that s where some might [...]

    Anne Osterlund

    Talia is a spoiled brat, AKA princess, who disobeyed her parents warning three hundred years ago, touched a spindle, and sent her country into a three century comatose state Jack is slacker stuck on a European tour, sick of museums, and intent on finding the beach Instead he finds Talia, kisses her, and winds up with Her Royal Highness in tow on a fast getaway from the dungeon and a quick flight to Miami.Not exactly a match made in a fairy tale.But somehow Talia, with Jack, isn t so spoiled.And [...]


    This book was absolutely hilarious While at the start of the book I absolutely despised all the characters, they somehow managed to grow on me as the novel progressed Another thing I was not too fond of in this book was the real world and the magical being thrust together As in Cloaked that I read by Alex Flinn, the characters just seem to be too accepting of magic when they first learn about it This book made me realise how creepy the story of Sleeping Beauty is Like the part where the prince k [...]


    God, that was

    Krista (I remember you, Min) (Critical)

    I adore this book It s hilarious, for one thing Further, it s the kind of book that hooks you in with the first page The two person narrative between Talia and Jack was brilliantly done, and made the character development for both characters much stronger Plus, it made the relationship between Talia and Jack much realisitc, and I could actually see their opinions of eachother bloom throughout the book Alex Flinn also does a good job of portraying teenage characters sometimes authors don t have [...]

    Sierra Abrams

    Read reviews at Yearning to ReadPages 371Release Date April 28th, 2008Date Read 2011, May 14th 18thReceived OwnRating 4 5 starsRecommended to 15 Reviewed Fairy Tale Fortnight.Summary Spindles are an illegal device not to be had At least, not in Euphrasia Euphrasia is a small country near Belgium, and its princess, Talia, has been put under a spell A spell that says she will prick her finger on a spindle before her sixteenth birthday, and she will die The good fairies tried to change the spell, [...]


    Princess Talia of Euphrasia pricks her finger on a spindle, causing the entire kingdom to fall asleep for 300 years They awaken when Talia is kissed by Jack, a teenager sent by his parents to tour Europe for the summer A Kiss In Time is obviously a modern retelling of Sleeping Beauty.I try really hard to write balanced reviews I try to point out the good with the bad I m having a hard time finding the good here I should start by saying that I really enjoyed Flinn s Beastly, and I love fairytale [...]

    Morgan Walsh

    I just finished reading this, and I have to say it s so cute The couple of Jack and Talia, well, what s not to love Talia s a girl who doesn t consider herself to be spoiled, but in fact is, and is kind of a brat She transforms to a kind, warm hearted girl who adapts fairly well to this century, going from a girl who believes that men are the ones to do all of the work, to a believer of women s rights and hard work Jack transforms from a Miami party boy, although to be honest I never really felt [...]

    Book Concierge

    This is a modern re telling of the Sleeping Beauty fairy tale On the eve of the 16th birthday Princess Talia Aurora is a middle name , pricks her finger on a spindle and she and everyone in the kingdom fall into a deep sleep, never to awaken until her one true love awakens her with a kiss Three hundred years later, Jack is on a European tour Bored with museums and churches he convinces his friend Travis to ditch the tour and head for the beach But they get lost and discover the abandoned kingdom [...]


    4.5 starsA Kiss In Time was a wonderful story I ve read a few fairy tale retellings this year and enjoyed them all, so I definitely plan on reading in this genre I loved that while A Kiss In Time obviously had similarities to Sleeping Beauty, it was also very different There were many times I laughed out loud while listening to this book Maybe it was the way the narrators who were great, by the way read the story, but I loved how hilarious A Kiss In Time was at times For instance, some of the t [...]

    Shannah Mauney

    This book was a fun, easy read I really enjoyed the characters and the fast pace of the book This modern retelling of the classic fairytale Sleeping Beauty was very well written and entertaining I loved the book

    Christine Godman

    As I started reading this, I realised that this was a book for teenagers, and I was not too fond of it Sigh, I have grown old and acquired a different taste in books The characters are goofy, awkward and weirdly described wait, were they even described I didn t really like any of them I wouldn t say the characters are flat, but they aren t exactly nuanced and complex as such Obviously, it s a retelling of Sleeping Beauty a modernised version where an 18th century girl yes, it s 18th century beca [...]

    Suad Shamma

    This story was such an easy read that captivated me from the start I had started off reading this story just before dinner, and thought I would just read a couple of chapters while I waited for dinner to be ready, but instead found myself reading and not wanting to stop Suffice it to say, I finished reading this book in less than 24 hours.I have to say though, I enjoyed the first half of the book a lot than the second half It started out perfectly with Alex Flinn giving us a brief historical ba [...]


    Having read Beastly by Alex Flinn, I had an idea that I would be in for a light weight retelling of Sleeping Beauty I had to keep on reminding myself that I was not the intended YA audience, that I was reading it for a class and needed to have an open mind, but the audio edition didn t make it any easier for me in that the two voice actors had incredibly annoying voices Talia is the princess in question who is alive in the 1700 s in a small European kingdom Blah, blah, blah, she pricks her finge [...]

    Splash Of Our Worlds *Yiota*

    To let you know something about the plot we basically follow the story of Sleeping Beauty when she wakes up Talia happened to be the Sleeping Beauty 300 years ago, and at the start of the book we see a little of how she found the spindle Then, we are coming in our time and see how Jack found her and kissed her That s only the first part of the book The story continues with Talia following Jack cause she thinks he is her destiny and try to make him fall in love with her while Jack feels kinda re [...]


    Last read April 2012Re read June 17, 2015First of all, Wowza this book was just everything I wanted it to be It takes place first of in the 1700 century with Talia and tells of the tale similar to sleeping beauty on how she pricks her finger and sleeps The story then jumps three hundred so years and that s where Jack awesome but slacker comes into the story He decided to skip his Europe tour and ends up coming across a magical place where everyone seems to be asleep and not helping himself he wa [...]


    Like Flinn s other young adult novel I read Beastly this is a fairy tale re done and modernized In this case its Sleeping Beauty and I definitely feel less of a Disney vibe from this for some reason Beastly put me in mind of the Disney Beauty and the Beast, not the fairy tale itself I do admit however that Sleeping Beauty was never a popular fairy tale for me growing up it didn t seem like the Princess did anything at all, but she got herself a Prince It seemed terribly unfair to me.The book its [...]


    The premise for this book is good, but unfortunately, it has a horrible execution The writing is awful awkward, unrealistic dialogue pathetic attempts to seem young, hip, and cool and references or comparisons that frankly just made me cringe her skin is the color of milk with just the tiniest bit of strawberry Nesquik mixed in There is a lack of meaningful and cohesive character development, and the most believable part of the plot is that the whole kingdom fell asleep for 300 years Talia start [...]


    I probably would never have read this book, if not for a librarian who forced it upon me I ll explain Honestly, it was because of the title And the cover wasn t helping much either But one day, I was at the library, and this librarian who s really nice, she didn t actually FORCE me to read it found out that I really liked other books by Alex Flinn, Beastly and Bewitching Anyway, she recommended this book, which I had seen before, and never particularly wanted to read So I smiled and nodded and s [...]

    Katieeoh Lacanlale

    If you are a big fan of Beastly, which is made also by Alex Flinn, then you would love this another great book of hers I just read this overnight and I think its the first time I read that fast, or maybe its because the book isn t that thick at all I love this book, I ll rate it 5 stars I m a big fan of fairytale stories since I was little, like I re watch all Disney princesses movies all the time and now that I m older, I watch it again Sometimes with my little cousins who loves and adores it a [...]

    Kathy * Bookworm Nation

    This was a fun retelling of the Sleeping Beauty fairy tale I m not sure if it has been done before, but the idea of a modern day teenager waking up a princess who has been asleep for three hundred years was genius Talia lives a very sheltered life due to the curse that was placed on her as a baby In order to prevent the curse from being fulfilled her parent s ban the use of spindles in their kingdom and Talia is never left alone She starts out kind of bratty, which is kind of understandable know [...]


    To start off, let me just say that this is possibly one of the cheesiest books I ve read so far Right on up there with Beastly.Now that I ve said that, let me also just say that this is also a totally awesome book Right on up there with Beastly.Other than the cheese factor, I really enjoyed this book It was a really fun read It switches off between characters, Jack and Talia They were both pretty enjoyable characters Talia was a little stuck up in the beggining, but this is how it s supposed to [...]


    I didn t realize when I first found A Kiss in Time that it was a retelling of Sleeping Beauty How I missed that, I honestly don t know I just thought it was a story of a girl who had been cursed to sleep until true loves kiss Now that I think about it, that is Sleeping Beauty How did I miss that Anyway I found the book to be truly humorous It s a recipe for success in my book See, you mix 1 316 year old Princess of a forgotten kingdom cursed to sleep until true love s kiss2 Bored teenagers looki [...]


    Un retelling de lo m s interesante Qu pasar a si la bella durmiente despertara en el siglo XXI Sinceramente, no sab a que esperar de este libro y me ha sorprendido gratamente Es el tipo de lecturas ligeras que te dejan con una gran sonrisa en el rostro y te hacen creer de nuevo en el amor O al menos te transportan a tu infancia, donde todo era m s sencillo.Tal a me encant Aunque al principio cre que era la t pica princesa tonta y superficial, termino siendo un personaje reflexivo y emp tico Jack [...]


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